Reuasble bamboo Steel Flask

Rs. 899.00
Drink responsibly - Say hello to a flask you'll never want to throw away. It comprises of a 450 ml flask made from food grade 18/8 stainless-steel in a durable and fashionable bamboo casing. It also has an infuser which helps brew drinks on the go.
Rs. 899.00
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What’s goes into it? Only what you fill it with.
No chemicals went into the making of this bottle. So your drink will taste just the way it should.

On fleek. No leak.
Slip it into your bag while you go shopping. Attach it to the bar on your cycle. Keep it on your office desk. As long as you have shut the cap tight, you needn’t worry about any leakage.

Temperature control. Check.
It maintains the temperature of its contents for a loooong time. Hot beverages for 10 hours, and cool drinks for 24 hours. How cool is that?

Do not put this in a dishwasher. It has to be hand washed only.
Ensure the lid is tightly closed. You wouldn’t want to spill a hot drink on yourself.
While the flask is handy, you would want to make sure that it doesn’t drop
from a very high position. The outer part of the flask is made of real bamboo.
You wouldn’t want that damaged.
You wouldn’t want to soak the flask in water or put it in a dishwasher though.
We recommend it hand washed from the inside and outside.

Bamboo & Steel
Pacakaged in a cardboard box
Alternative to single use plastic bottles
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Reuasble bamboo Steel Flask
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