Teak Wood Cutlery Kit

Rs. 200.00
Set of ergonimically designed eco-friendly reclaimed teak wood cutlery - spoon, fork, knife and chopsticks. Your perfect travel partner
Rs. 200.00
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This set of ergonimically designed repurposed teak wood spoon, fork, knife and chopsticks. 

Durable, high-quality finish, stain and odour resistant. Sustainably made in India. Teak is a natural products, they could absorb colour present in food/drinks and could crack if chewed on.

It may degrading after some time so we recommend tossing it into wet waste after 6 months of use or if you see any signs of damage. Store in a cool dry place. 


Spoon: 165mm x 40mm

Fork: 165mm x 32mm

Knife: 165mm x 22mm

Chopsticks: 228mm x 5mm

Dimensions may vary as the product is handmade.


Natural Teak Wood, a slight colour may appear due to food grade oil that we have used on the product. Completely safe for use.

Colour and lines may vary as the product is natural and handmade.


Teak is a natural products, it could absorb colour present in food/drinks and could crack if chewed on. Do not keep in soaked in water for long time as this will reduce its lifespan. Wipe clean or give it a quick rinse with water and dishwashing soap after use. Using excessive soap may make the product dry.

Teak wood
Packaged in a cloth pouch
Alternative to plastic disposable cutlery
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Teak Wood Cutlery Kit
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