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You will be amazed by the benefits of Neem comb

You will be amazed by the benefits of Neem comb

by Priya jain 20 Nov 2021

Aren’t we all obsessed with our hair? Who doesn’t want smooth and shining hair? Every time we have a good hair day we instantly become happier, it’s like that extra smile we carry with ourselves apart from the one on our face. You might be someone who follows a complex hair care routine with multiple products or maybe someone who just likes to keep it simple but whichever one you are, you cannot go without combing your hair. That’s the most basic and one of the most important steps to maintain healthy hair.

What is the problem with your regular hair comb?

Most hair combs that we use today are made from PLASTIC.

  • Plastic as we all know is a material that takes 1000’s of years to decompose. Even though it can be recycled we don’t have a proper waste management system to do that and it only ends up in a landfill. It is recommended to change your comb every 1-2 year depending on your usage. Throwing away plastic hair comb        only adds up to the growing plastic pollution problem.
  • Plastic also creates static electricity when rub against hair that makes our hair really frizzy and dry.
  • Plastic combs also have sharper bristles that can mess with our scalp and also create an additional layer of dust and oil on our scalp.




What are the benefits of a Neem Comb?

    1. Super gentle on your hair

    Neem wood combs have soft and round teeth that feel really gentle on your hair and scalp. Neem wood has magical powers when it comes to providing that silky smooth texture to your hair. It feels like a mini hair massage session every time you comb your hair.

      2. Natural hair nourishment 

      Due to pollution and dirt our hair can feel really dry or super greasy depending on our hair type. Using a neem comb to brush your hair helps in healthy and equal spread of natural oil in your hair from scalp till the roots. This makes your hair feel smooth and nourished.

        3. Increases blood circulation

        Using a neem comb can actually help boost blood flow in your scalp. You probably did not know this but our scalp also has acupressure points which if gently massaged can help increase blood flow and keep our scalp healthy. Neem being a natural wood feels soft on the scalp and helps our hair grow faster.

          3. Reduces dandruff and dirt

          Neem wood combs helps brush away all the dandruff and dirt on your scalp and hair. The soft and round teeth of the comb help create less static energy which does not let any dirt stick to it. This reduces your chance of dandruff and scalp irritation.

            4. Eco friendly

            Neem wood is a 100% natural material which makes it home compostable, biodegradable and the most eco conscious choice when it comes to choosing the best hair comb. In the world full of harmful plastic combs, a neem comb comes in like a savior.

              5. Health benefits

              Neem wood is derived from a medicinal plant which is anti fungal, anti bacterial and insect repellent. All these benefits make it not only a good choice environmentally but also for your hair health. Moreover, all our neem wood combs are handmade which gives it an extra layer of protection unlike machine ones. Each piece is carefully checked and delivered to you.

                6. Suitable for all hair types 

                Whether you have oily hair, dry hair, frizzy hair, thin hair or just any other type of hair, neem wood comb works on all of them. You don’t need to worry about having to choose a different hair comb depending on your hair problem. Neem comb is the one solution fit for all kind of product.



                  How to take care of your Neem comb?

                  Wood being a natural material is very easy to maintain. Just keep it away from extreme humidity or water as it can damage its texture. Keep it in a dry place ideally where you keep all your daily use skin products for easy accessibility and safety. Also remember to remove your extra hair that sometimes get tangled in the teeth of the comb from time to time to keep the comb clean.

                  Now that we have told you about the benefits of using a neem comb, what are you waiting for? It’s high time you move on from a plastic comb and make a healthier choice for you and our planet. We have it in 3 different shapes and sizes depending on your usage. Buy it here. If you have any more questions, feel free to leave us a comment and we will help you.

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