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Scented Soy Wax Home Sachet
Use the scented wax sachet to refresh your home and impart a lovely fragrance to your clothes or linens. Hang them in the entry way, tuck in the drawers, cabinets and boxes of off-season clothes, or loop around a hanger...
Rs. 300.00
Rose Gold -Stainless Steel Straws (Set of 4 & 1 Cleaning Brush)
Our steel straws comes in a pack of five with a cute pouch –2 milkshake straw, 2 juice straw and a sleek straw cleaner. There are plenty of options available for reusable straws and the best one among them is...
Rs. 299.00
EcoBuddy Bamboo Fibre & Silicone-Travel Coffee Mug (400 ml) - Blue
Say no to disposable cups with our exclusive Reusable, eye-catching & textured designer Travel Coffee Mug (400ml) for a wide variety of customer tastes. This travel mug will add a splash of colour to your picnic and office table or...
Rs. 499.00
Copper Tongue Cleaner
from Rs. 159.00
Copper Tongue Cleaner
Comes with Non-Gagging design,treats bad breath,prevents cavities,Improves sense of taste,higher Flexibility for tongue protection,Copper usage improves immune function. BENEFITS: • Non-Gagging design • Treats bad breath • Sustainable • Prevents cavities • Improves sense of taste • Higher Flexibility for...
from Rs. 159.00
Dent Tabs Travel Tin Can - Reusable
The best travel can for your dental tabs. Certified 100% Natural with NO MICROPLASTICS. This is a travel can and you get 10 dent tablets free with it on your first purchase only. It's a reusable travel can that you can keep...
Rs. 95.00
Natural Clove toothpaste
Try our all natural toothpaste which is tremendously effective in cleaning your teeth and strengthening your gums. Each ingredient is carefully selected to serve unique function. Baking Soda gives the paste the necessary abrasion to clean the tooth surface. Coconut...
from Rs. 120.00
Stainless Steel Loose-Leaf Tea Infuser
Our ball tea strainer adds an old-world charm to your cup of tea. It is perfect for brewing a cup of tea. A handy, practical & convenient stainless-steel infuser to scoop & steep the perfect leaf tea brew with ease....
from Rs. 169.00
EcoBuddy Adult Bamboo Toothbrush - Soft bristles (Pack of 4)
Natural antibacterial Biodegradable bamboo handle with ergonomic design, easy to use.Performs an important part of maintaining healthy gums for oral care. The extra soft bristles protect your gums from bleeding or scratching so you can brush easily and safely, which...
Rs. 396.00
Oil Pulling Mint Jar
Start your day on a refreshing note with Mint Oil Pulling! It is a new take on the age-old formulas – made with virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil and other fresh additions. No Preservatives, chemicals, or any harmful ingredients.  Benefits-  •Strengthens...
Rs. 450.00
THENGA Coconut Shell Eco-Friendly Candle/Diya (Set of 2)
These Candles are Made Completely from Coconuts and Palm Trees and all of the Manufacturing and Harvesting is done Sustainably in Kerala, India. Sit Back, Relax and Imagine Yourself in the Islands with These Eco-Friendly Candles. Quantity- Set of 2...
Rs. 359.00
30g Lavender Soy Wax Scented White Color Jar Candle
Suhani Candles are made from environmental friendly, renewable resources. The “Green” advantage to our soy wax candle result in a clearer burn. Our scented candles are highly aromatic making them a must for candle lovers. The warm glow and throw...
Rs. 199.00
Geranium Soap
from Rs. 220.00
Geranium Soap
Bar soap is more environmentally friendly than body wash, due to both its ingredients and the way in which it's sold. Our bar soaps come without plastic packaging unlike most body wash that comes in plastic bottles. By selecting a natural...
from Rs. 220.00
Basil-Aloevera Soap Bar
Try the most Sustainable & Zero waste alternative to a body wash. Our soap bars are 100% natural and handmade, they are packaged plastic-free and easily biodegrade in water leaving behind no unnecessary waste. It has basil powder and basil essential...
Rs. 120.00
Seed paper Pen- Pack of 10
PRODUCT FEATURES: • Products: Recycled Seed Paper coloured pen • Material: Recycled paper BENEFITS: • Eco friendly and bio-degradable • Portable and convenient • Durable • Reusable • Plastic free • Usage : Stationary; school; college;
Rs. 359.00
Bamboo Toothbrush Travel Case
EcoBuddy bamboo travel case is a great protection for your toothbrush with beautiful, simple and minimalist design. Surely a better choice for the safety of your toothbrush which is equipped with vent holes in order to release moisture. Keeps your...
Rs. 299.00
Pride-Bamboo Toothbrush
For our pride community. Natural antibacterial Biodegradable bamboo handle with ergonomic design, easy to use. Performs an important part of maintaining healthy gums for oral care. The extra soft bristles protect your gums from bleeding or scratching so you can brush...
from Rs. 99.00
EcoBuddy Bamboo Toothbrush Charcoal Bristles (Adult) - Black
Natural antibacterial Biodegradable bamboo handle with ergonomic design, easy to use. Performs an important part of maintaining healthy gums for oral care. The extra soft bristles protect your gums from bleeding or scratching so you can brush easily and safely,...
Rs. 99.00
Bamboo Toothbrush
from Rs. 99.00
Bamboo Toothbrush
Eco friendly and Plastic free 100% sustainable,naturally remove plaque and deodorize the mouth.Also comes with anti fungus treatment and wax Waterproofing. PRODUCT FEATURES: • Stick: Bamboo • Bristles: Charcoal infused BENEFITS: • Eco friendly, Plastic free and Bio-degradable • Charcoal...
from Rs. 99.00
Hard bound journal set
Specifications: Believe in Yourself hardbound diary ( 5"x 7") 50 sheets/ 100 blank pages + 2 pencils + 1 printed pen + cloth Bag At Paper Nest we are working with Artisans from rural areas for their better livelihood, income...
Rs. 550.00
Coconut Husk Notebook Set (Green)
Specifications: Green coconut husk notebook ( 5" x 7") 40 sheets / 80 pages ( blank)+ 5 newspaper pencil box + 2 brown paper pens + Bag At Paper Nest we are working with Artisans from rural areas for their...
Rs. 310.00
Beco Bamboo Toothbrush (Charcoal activated)
The smallest switch you can make in your home! A plastic toothbrush that you use today will be found 400 years later, do you want to be the one contributing to it? The choice is yours. Choose our100% Natural Bamboo...
from Rs. 180.00
Beco Bamboo Tissue Roll (3 Ply) - 220 Pulls
Say no to tissues made from plastic that are not only harmful for your butt but also our planet. Try out our sustainable tissue rolls made from bamboo. They will not end up in landfills rather will easily biodegrade in...
from Rs. 275.00
Beco Compostable Garbage Bags/Trash Bags/Dustbin Bags
Say no to plastic garbage bags. Our 100% corn starch bags are made from PSM (Plastarch material) bio-plastics, with natural renewable resources such as plant starch being the main raw material, modified and plasticized, and is a new type of...
from Rs. 360.00
Beco Bamboo Multi Use Wet Wipes - 25 Wipes, Pack of 2
These wipes are perfect for anyone who needs to get clean and refreshed on-the-go and are plastic free!! From professional athletes to campers, hikers, fitness enthusiasts, those who travel on long flights, or even bike to work. Wipes are tough...
Rs. 298.00

Eco-Friendly Home Products are the greenest alternative to conventional products in the market. They come in various categories such as Hygiene Products, Daily use lifestyle products, Home Decor Products etc. These products are safe for the environment, humans and pets. They do not pollute the air, water, and soil with harmful chemicals. They are more cost-effective and eco-friendly too. We spend the majority of our time in our homes. Therefore, it makes sense that we choose eco-friendly home products to ensure we don’t cause any harm to our surroundings.

Why should we switch to Eco-Friendly Home Products?

Here are 5 reasons to switch to eco-friendly home products. 

  1. They are an eco friendly and sustainable alternative to conventional products available in the market that are full of chemicals and single use packaging. 
  2. These products are made from natural ingredients that are not harmful for our health.
  3. They do not pollute the air, water and soil, rather easily decompose or biodegrade in the soil.
  4. Eco-friendly home products are cost effective in the long run as they are usually reusable or made from plant based materials that are not too expensive.
  5. From bathroom to kitchen, home decor to garden or even personal hygiene, all products have eco friendly alternatives available in variety of designs

Hygiene Products

Eco-friendly hygiene products are safer for the environment and for humans too. They do not contain toxic chemicals that harm the environment when discarded. These products are manufactured from natural ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil, beeswax and castor oil. 

They are safe to use on your skin. They do not irritate or cause any allergies to the skin unlike regular hygiene products on the market which contain a variety of chemical compounds. Eco-friendly hygiene home products have anti-bacterial properties that help keep your home free of bacteria and viruses. Regular brands contain harmful carcinogens like parabens that lead to cancer if consumed over time. These chemicals can also cause hormonal irregularities in humans if they ingest them through their skin.

Home Decor Products

Green home decor not only offers all the benefits of eco-friendly products, but it also adds aesthetic value to your home. Eco-friendly home decor products are derived from natural materials and will last for a very long time, making them worth the investment. 

Eco-friendly home decor products:

∙ Add color to your space 

∙ Provide a feeling of warmth 

∙ Help you create a calm environment or a more lively one 

∙ Offer you choice in designs and styles

Eco-friendly home decor is an excellent way to spruce up your surroundings and still maintain an eco-friendly lifestyle! So, next time you’re looking for new furniture or décor items for your home, look for eco-friendly alternatives.

Daily use Home Products

The daily use lifestyle products are products that we usually use in our daily routine. Choosing eco friendly alternatives for all your daily needs is really necessary to keep our body and overall health in check. Eco friendly daily use products are plant based, organic and chemical free i.e. safe for humans, animals and our environment. Some examples of these Eco-Friendly Home Products include chemical free detergents, dishwasher tablets, soap bars, and air mist tablets,etc.

Top Eco-Friendly Home Products from Green Feels


Final Price

Geranium Soap

Rs 220

Reusable Rangoli Puzzle

Rs 650

Berry Blast Scented Candle

Rs 849

Cell Phone Basket

Rs 2220

Ecosys cleaning tablets

Rs. 374

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