• What's the Difference Between Body Butter & Lotion

    What's the Difference Between Body Butter & Lotion

    Since your skin is an integral component of who you are, it is well worth your time investigating the various skin care methods. There are several crucial distinctions between body butter and lotion, even though each of these items can assist you in achieving smooth skin. To help you select the body butter or lotion that is most suitable for your needs, the following...
  • What is Body Butter?

    What is Body Butter?

    Body butter is a skin moisturizer that provides intense hydration to the skin. Typically, it takes the form of a dense cream and is produced by combining cocoa butter, Shea butter, and mango butter. Several kinds of butter are also infused with essential oils to provide an additional delight for your skin. Because of its one-of-a-kind composition, natural body butter can defend your skin against dryness...
  • What went wrong in the attempt to reduce my wedding waste

    What went wrong in the attempt to reduce my wedding waste

    My blood boils when I see a close friend or a family member buy a plastic bottle.  I haven't bought a single packaged drinking bottle in the last 2.5 years. This was my first step towards reducing my waste and actually the easiest one. I got married on 12th July’21 and just like any other millennial I pictured my wedding without any unnecessary rituals,...
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