Beco starter gift bundle- Sustainable home essentials
Explore our range of products with this beginner's pack. A small yet hugely impactful bunch of sustainable home essential products is your path to a healthy home. It makes for a great gift as well for your friends and family...
Rs. 798.00
Beco Bamboo Multi Use Wet Wipes - 25 Wipes, Pack of 2
These wipes are perfect for anyone who needs to get clean and refreshed on-the-go and are plastic free!! From professional athletes to campers, hikers, fitness enthusiasts, those who travel on long flights, or even bike to work. Wipes are tough...
Rs. 298.00
BECO Organic Baking Paper
Baking papers are made from plastic and do not biodegrade when thrown away. We have an eco friendly alternative for you. Beco Baking Paper is made from 100% natural bamboo pulp. Say good bye to bleached baking papers!Features - The...
Rs. 249.00
Beco Bamboo Toothbrush (Charcoal activated)
The smallest switch you can make in your home! A plastic toothbrush that you use today will be found 400 years later, do you want to be the one contributing to it? The choice is yours. Choose our100% Natural Bamboo...
from Rs. 180.00
Beco Kitchen Care Bundle- Bamboo Kitchen Towel Roll (20 Sheets) & Compostable Garbage Bags(15 Pieces)
Try out our saver pack of two eco friendly kitchen essentials. The two most important kitchen products can produce a lot of waste but we have got more sustainable options for you. Made from bamboo and cornstarch, they will biodegrade...
Rs. 429.00
Beco Compostable Garbage Bags/Trash Bags/Dustbin Bags
Say no to plastic garbage bags. Our 100% corn starch bags are made from PSM (Plastarch material) bio-plastics, with natural renewable resources such as plant starch being the main raw material, modified and plasticized, and is a new type of...
from Rs. 360.00
Beco Bamboo Tissue Roll (3 Ply) - 220 Pulls
Say no to tissues made from plastic that are not only harmful for your butt but also our planet. Try out our sustainable tissue rolls made from bamboo. They will not end up in landfills rather will easily biodegrade in...
from Rs. 275.00
Beco Bamboo Facial Tissue Car box
No plastic facial tissues will help you eliminate single use plastic from your life. Beco Facial Tissue Made from 100% virgin Bamboo pulp, the facial tissues provide strength, absorbency, and a clean white appearance. The two-ply facial tissues offer enhanced...
from Rs. 338.00
Beco Eco-Friendly Bamboo Reusable Kitchen Towel Roll - 20 Sheets
Usual Paper towels are single use and take a lot of resources to make and just end in landfills after one use. Beco Bamboo kitchen Towel are reusable, made from Organic Bamboo & Washable Upto 100 Times. There are many...
Rs. 299.00
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