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Menstrual cup - Hiccup
Say no to tampons and plastic pads. Reduce your period waste to almost zero by using this ultimate zero waste period product. A menstrual cup – this reusable silicone device works internally, collects blood during your period, instead of absorbing...
Rs. 849.00
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MyOnearth Bamboo Reusable Makeup Removal Wipes (Pack of 10)
No more single-use makeup wipes. 100% Biodegradable, Sustainable, Strong, and Durable, BPA free. Reusable up to 200 times. Zero-waste makeup removal - Avoid disposable cotton pads and use reusable makeup remover pads to reduce your daily waste. You can use...
Rs. 499.00
Stiff Coir Body Brush
This Vegan Skin Smoothing Body Brush cleanses the skin of harmful germs and excess oil, exfoliates dead skin, improves blood flow, and detoxes the body by activating the lymphatic system. Poor blood circulation can cause blotchiness, dark spots, and slow...
Rs. 199.00
Panty Liners - Bamboo Fiber Biodegradable - Pack of 24
Special Product Features: • Organic Top Layer • Biodegradable & Compostable; No Plastic! • 100% Chemical Free: Perfume-Free & Unbleached • IS:5405-1980 (INDIAN STANDARD FOR SANITARY NAPKINS) • Antibacterial • Panty Liners (155 mm) for Light Flow • Organic Top...
Rs. 240.00
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Neem Wood Comb
Rs. 149.00
Neem Wood Comb
Neem wood is a medicinal plant that is time tested by some traditions and believed to be scientifically recognized to be antibacterial, anti allergic and antibiotic; as an extra bonus it may also help reduce dandruff and promote scalp and...
Rs. 149.00
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Menstrual Cup Sterilizing Container - Microwave Friendly
Here is an easy, innovative & reusable menstrual cup sterilizing container. It fits with all types of menstrual cups. Our menstrual cup sterilizing container is your new designated container to make it easy to clean any silicone menstrual cup.INSTRUCTIONS: Unfold...
Rs. 299.00
Organic Under Eye Gel (20gm)
Skin under our eyes can be really sensitive specially when most of us today put so mich strain on your eyes due to long working hours or classes in front of the screen. Just like we take care of our...
Rs. 399.00
Nature Non-Sticky Face Moisturizer 50gms
This Oil-Free Face Moisturizer is your skin's new BFF! It absorbs quickly and moisturizes effectively without making your skin look greasy. Its light texture doesn't feel heavy or sticky and keeps the skin moisturized. KEEPS SKIN SOFT & SUPPLE: Just...
Rs. 360.00
Tat-Tvam Aloe Vera & Rose Face Gel (Vitamin E) 180ml
Containing a wide array of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in its constitution, rose extracts have excellent emollient properties. Pure plant based Vitamin E is a powerhouse antioxidant that acts as the shield against skin damage. In combination with aloe vera...
Rs. 500.00
Everyday use Herbal Facepack- Zero chemicals
Herbal and sustainable, it's the best facepack you will ever use. Packed with the benefits of various herbs like Licorice, Amla Powder, eucalyptus, and essential oils that will heal your skin naturally and help you get rid of acne. Made...
Rs. 210.00
Reusable cloth panty liner(Pack of 4)
Our reusable cloth Panty liner can be used for spotting or very light flow, Including at the very beginning or end of your cycle or if you want to wear everyday protection for white discharge. It is plastic-free and organic....
Rs. 500.00
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Almond + Walnut Scrub Soap
Mild exfoliating and nourishing virgin coconut oil soap with bergamot oil. How to use Massage onto damp skin to cleanse the skin, followed by rinsing Skin type For all skin types Precautions To ensure skin compatibility, test product on a...
Rs. 300.00
Anti Dandruff Shampoo & Conditioner Bar
With the goodness of pure Neem and Amla infused with enticing aroma's of Neroli and Lemon. Both Neem and Amla are both anti-fungal in nature, they also help to clean scalp and help in protecting it against any infections. This Shampoo...
Rs. 285.00
Anti Hairfall Shampoo & Conditioner Bar
With the goodness of pure Hibiscus and Shikakai infused with enticing aromas of Patchouli and Heena. This Shampoo Bar is soft on your hair and scalp and wouldnt deprive you of your natural oils. Using this soap bar can help...
Rs. 285.00
Reusable Mrja Sanitary Pads
Mrja Sanitary Pad is an all natural cotton fibre pad with 0% plastic. All Mrja pads come with 2 pad inserts which are easily replacable. The processed cotton provides high absorption and is capable of handling light flows. All pads...
Rs. 450.00
Reusable cotton Trufit Sanitary Pad
You will love our TruFit Day Pad that provides you 7 layers of protection for absorption. Good for most normal flow days. Our unique 2-button wings ensures that the pad stays much better in its place. All pads are made...
Rs. 350.00
Reusable Panty Liners (Set of 3)
Ultra-thin and super-soft, Pantyliners are perfect for everyday protection or as backup for your menstrual cup or tampon. They make sure your panties look like brand new even after months of use! These are breathable and made using 100% super...
Rs. 550.00
Activated Charcoal Powder 50gms
Best kept beauty secret-Since ancient Egypt, charcoal has been used for numerous medicinal purposes and beauty recipes. Activated charcoal powder is charcoal that has been processed to increase the surface area that absorbs impurities, making it ideal for naturally cleaning...
Rs. 100.00
Organic Vegan Lip Balm
Natural Lip balms: Lip balms made with all natural ingredients and not petrolatum or BHA or Parabens. Petrolatum is made from petroleum – yes, what you put in your car – that has been refined. Some refining methods use toxic...
Rs. 200.00
Nature Kumkumadi Lip Balm 20gms
Enjoy our all natural lip balm.Plant based lip balm for protection against dryness, cold sores and chapping. Helps keep your lips soft and moisturized.Special Touch: Coffee Flavour & Kumkumadi Oil.This Product is produced in Small Batches. It's Vegan ,Cruelty Free,Toxin...
Rs. 529.00
Lemon mint lip balm
Blurring the line between skincare and makeup, this zero waste, 100% organic Lemon-Mint Lip Balm is a perfect antipruritic, and contains vital nutrients to soothe and provide that extra love your lips need. Packed with Vitamins A, B-6, C and...
Rs. 600.00
Fresh spearmint lip balm
Our organic Spearmint Lip Balm contains antioxidants and vital nutrients that soothe, nourish and provide that extra love your lips need. It is developed with special care to ensure the right balance of essential oils like wheatgerm, grapeseed, almond and...
Rs. 600.00
Soak India Coco Orange Truffle Lip Balm (15 gms)
Blurring the line between skincare and makeup, organic Cocoa-Orange Truffle Lip Balm contains antioxidants and vital nutrients that soothe, nourish and provide that extra love your lips need. Products take special care to ensure the right balance of essential oils...
Rs. 600.00
Essential Oil Blend Roll On
Unwind and relax with a soothing relaxation blend of essential oils, in a convenient roll-on form. Super easy to carry, 100% natural and plastic free. Our relaxation aroma oil blend will help you wind down and relax, transporting you to the lap...
Rs. 450.00
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