Apply To Be Seller

Who are we looking for?

Do you have a product that is zero-waste and plastic-free? Does your company have responsible, eco-friendly, sustainable practices? Do you make clothes and accessories that are made out of organic, vegan, upcycled, recycled, plastic-free materials? Is your product a replacement for everyday, single-use items? We are looking to work with awesome, sustainable companies like yours! Please fill the sellers form and let's have a chat.
We request a sample of each SKU from the vendor to test their product and also create some exclusive photos of their products for our website and social media. Clothing, accessory and home brands may not send samples from each SKU but we would require certifications of the materials you use. This way we make sure the customer gets the best of products with assured quality and design. If onboarded, the products will be considered part of the inventory to be sold to the customer. If we find your product does not match our values we can always discuss the changes that can be done before onboarding you as a vendor. Currently, we do not onboard any brands that only make ethnic wear/Indian traditional.


Make sure you ship plastic-free and if you need help with the same, please contact us and we can figure out a solution together.

Why sell with us?

Just like you, we don't want to sell products that are toxic to the customer and trashy for the environment. We don’t just want to make profits (although they are important, too), we want to be committed to marketing your idea of sustainable living to the world so that people try your products and create a positive impact. We are ready to go out of our way to promote your brand through quirky, unconventional, and entertaining - but always effective - ways that connect with every age group. We constantly indulge in awareness activities and forge partnerships with organizations in the same domain to help you get your products to the right customer. Let us take care of the hustle so you are fully able to focus on doing what you do best. Come join us and be a part of the revolution!