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Organic Under Eye Gel (20gm)
Skin under our eyes can be really sensitive specially when most of us today put so mich strain on your eyes due to long working hours or classes in front of the screen. Just like we take care of our...
Rs. 399.00
Mridyati Organic Face Oil
Organic face oil is a blend of high-quality ingredients that work to give your skin the nourishment it needs. Use it as part of your daily routine to fight early signs of aging and get radiant, healthy skin. This 100%...
Rs. 1,699.00
Love is in the Organic HAIR Oil
Love is in the (H)AIR Oil. A Nourishing, Cold-Pressed Hair, Root & Scalp Strengthening Oil.It is best for regular use, provides nourishment, regulates the blood flow, and improves the health of scalp & hair. A perfect blend of organic oils...
Rs. 625.00
Organic Vitamin C Serum
Vitamin C is an important nutrient for our skin. It is a proven skin-brightener and antioxidant for decades. It boosts collagen formation and effectively targets visible signs of aging, giving skin the much-needed glow, brightens and tones sun damaged and dull...
Rs. 1,449.00
Natural Turmeric Haldi toner-100ml
Do you have acne issues or tired of rough skin due to pollution? A gentle, balancing, and yet effective toner with Himalayan Haldi is exactly what you need. It helps fight the dirt, grime, makeup and the effect of urban...
Rs. 399.00
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