Stiff Coir Body Brush
This Vegan Skin Smoothing Body Brush cleanses the skin of harmful germs and excess oil, exfoliates dead skin, improves blood flow, and detoxes the body by activating the lymphatic system. Poor blood circulation can cause blotchiness, dark spots, and slow...
Rs. 199.00
Coir Tawashi vegetable brush
PRODUCT FEATURES: • Handy size - fits in the palm • Stainless steel wire to prevent rust • Soft natural coir fibre for excellent scrubbing • Contains no chemicals, binding materials, sulphur or rubber • 100% Food safe USAGE: •...
from Rs. 99.00
MyOnearth Coir Utensil Scrub Pad Chemical-Free
PRODUCT FEATURES: • Soft natural coir fibre for excellent scrubbing, softened by proprietory chemical-free methods • Exclusive use of long bristles alone to reduce shedding and avoid clogging of drains • Contains no synthetic ingredients or binding materials • 100%...
from Rs. 298.00
Coir dust removal brush
PRODUCT FEATURES: • Popular for railway usage and meets IS 2622-1986 • A very full brush area for excellent dust removal- Comfortable handle for ease of use • Size: M USAGE: • Excellent dusting brush for home and commercial use...
Rs. 190.00
Kitchen Whiskers Washing Brush
• Wood-free brush • Both sides of the brush can be used for washing • Does not damage teflon and other coated utensils. • Sturdy construction with copper binding. USAGE: • Excellent brush for washing utensils where you like to...
Rs. 150.00
Kitchen Bone Brush for Blender Jars
PRODUCT FEATURES: • Aesthetic, symmetrically designed handle. Enables excellent hold. • Treated and seasoned with natural oils for wood preservation to keep the brushes completely food safe. • Can be used when the utensils are still hot. USAGE: • For...
Rs. 150.00
Coir Pan Brush
Rs. 150.00
Coir Pan Brush
This pan brush is the perfect eco-friendly alternative to a plastic based brush. It's 100% plastic-free and waste-free. Made from coir which is a natural and biodegradable material. Soft bristles & does very easy to use.  PRODUCT FEATURES: • -...
Rs. 150.00
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