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Natural Aloe Vera gel (No added color and fragrance ) , 200 gms
The Earthist Aloe Vera gel is a miraculous multi-use skin and hair gel. It is free from any color or fragrance and can be applied on your face, skin, and hair effectively reducing half a dozen products. It is a...
Rs. 499.00
100 % Natural Loofah (Pack of 3 )
Are you still using a plastic loofah? It is time that you choose a better shower routine for you, and for the planet! The Earthist 100% natural loofah literally grew on a tree and is a great alternative to your...
Rs. 299.00
100% Recycled Paper Notebook (2) –with 2 FREE recycled paper pencils
A simple and multipurpose notebook to write down your thoughts, dreams, goals, and anything else you want. Sustainable, recycled, and minimalistic! New and virgin paper notebooks made from freshly cut trees lead to deforestation, wastage of water, and huge energy...
Rs. 199.00
Reusable Vegetable & fruits Storage Bag- Pack of 5
This vegetable mesh bag is a perfect way to keep your veggies fresh. If you like a clean and organized fridge, this is for you! It is made up of 100% cotton and you can reuse them as many times...
Rs. 299.00
Earthist Compostable Bamboo Toothbrush - Family pack of 4
Every year, more than 4.7 billion toothbrushes end up in landfills and reach our oceans. Switch to eco-friendly, bamboo toothbrush which does not pollute our rivers, oceans or the planet. Do this not just for yourself, but your kids and...
Rs. 399.00
Earthist Bamboo Reusable Makeup Remover Pads - Pack of 5
Are you still using single-use makeup wipes or cotton balls to remove your kajal and other makeup? These just simply end up in landfills and add to our current waste problem. Switch to our sustainable and eco-friendly reusable makeup remover...
Rs. 549.00
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