Saffron Lotion
Rs. 1,770.00
Saffron Lotion
The Saffron Lotion consist is a magical potion! It consists of herbal extracts of 5 different flowers which are extremely beneficial for all skin issues. This is a wholesome cream which will take care of all your skincare needs. Quantity...
Rs. 1,770.00
Tvachamrit Activated Charcoal Face & Body Scrub 100gms
The activated charcoal scrub is a non-foaming sugar based scrub that is gentle enough to be used on the face & body. It's an essential for skin detox and leaves your skin feeling clean, fresh, soft & supple. Quantity  100...
Rs. 1,135.00
Mint & Matcha Body Scrub
The mint & matcha scrub is for the ones who need to take a chill pill on a hot summer day! This non-foaming scrub is gentle enough to be used on the body & face. It's minty fresh smell is  both...
Rs. 1,135.00
Orange & Neem Face Pack
The Orange and Neem anti-acne face pack is a one-stop solution for all the acne woes!  It is a potent powdered mix of fuller's earth, Vitamin C. orange powder, neem powder, sandalwood powder & tea tree oil. It penetrates deep...
Rs. 1,280.00
Turmeric Face Pack
The turmeric pack is your typical nanis nuska!! It's power packed with ingredients such as turmeric powder, milk extracts & saffron powder. The pack helps combat all skin problems right from tanning to pigmentation to removal of peach fuzz to...
Rs. 975.00
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