Bamboo straws with cleaner

Rs. 199.00
Why are you still using a plastic straw? Try these Eco friendly, Plastic free and Bio-degradable straws that come with Comfortable gripping,Anti fungus treatment Durable,Reusable and Washable
Rs. 199.00
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These bamboo straws is an alternative to carbon based products that is very friendly to the environment. These bamboo straws are handcrafted, eco-friendly, and biodegradable.

Take a great care of your health by using all organic stuff, such as wooden plates avoiding all the plastic materials that store food. Use these drinking straws for any kind of drink, hot coffee, cold juices, or drink and stir your smoothie. make the right choice of protecting yourself, the environment, and the sea animals that die every day because of the plastic products.

• Products : Bamboo straws with cleaner
• Material: Bamboo , Sisal Fiber
• Size: 8 inch


• Eco friendly, Plastic free and Bio-degradable
• Comfortable gripping
• Anti fungus treatment
• Sustainable
• Beeswax Waterproofing
• Durable
• Reusable
• Washable

Packaged in recycled waste paper
Alternative to plastic straws
Biodegrades and goes back into nature as compost
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