Coconut Bowl with Cutlery

Rs. 599.00
Organic, Hand-crafted Coconut Bowls and reusable travel cutlery. Sustainably sourced. The ultimate way to bring healthy living and the tropical lifestyle to your home and kitchen. Perfect for smoothie bowls, vegan bowls, and everything in between.Repurposing Coconut Shells into beautiful Bowls to be enjoyed with delicious, healthy meals. Eco-friendly and Bio-degradable ,Anti-viral and Anti-bacterial,Free of BPA and synthetics.
Rs. 599.00

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Did you know plastic cutlery can take up to 500 years and more to biodegrade? Coconut bowls can be a great alternative for single use plastic cutlery for dinners at home or parties and events. They are 100% biodegradable, hence leave no waste in the environment. They also look very aesthetic and your guests will only be talking about this unique cutlery set. 

• Quantity: Coconut bowl with Fork and Spoon
• Material: Coconut

• Eco-friendly and Bio-degradable
• Anti-viral and Anti-bacterial
• Free of BPA and synthetics
• Reusable
• Durable
• Handcrafted
• Usage : Cutlery; Storage containers; Decorative items

Packaged in recycled waste paper and corrugated box
Alternative to plastic bowls and plastic cutlery
Can be composted at home
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