Stainless Steel Straw with cleaner

Rs. 199.00
Recyclable and Resuable straws for healthy living easily washable and durable.
Rs. 199.00
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The Stainless Steel Straw is the eco-friendly solution to one of the most common plastic pollution items in the world. Made from stainless steel, it won't break down like a plastic straw and will last for years. The Stainless Steel Straw is designed to be easy-to-use and as durable as a typical plastic straw. It's time to ditch single-use plastics and do your part in reducing plastic pollution!


  • Eco-friendly as it's made from steel which is easy to recycle and last you more than a decade.
  • Reusable unlike single use plastic straws. You can use it with any hot or cold drink.
  • Super easy to clean as it comes with a cleaner.
  • Safe to use for kids and adults.
  • Travel friendly, literally you can carry it everywhere with you.

Stainless steel
Packaged in recycled waste paper
Alternative to single use plastic straws
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