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25 Eco Friendly Habits You Should Incorporate in Your Day To Day Life

by Priya jain 05 Jul 2022

Climate change is real! Its horrors are creeping towards us every day with every action we take, consciously or unconsciously, against the environment. The greedy ambition of humans has made us extremely apathetic towards the environment. We are degrading it, and if eco-friendly habits are not imbibed, it may lead to the early doom of humanity.

Simple, everyday eco-friendly habits can make the air, water, land, animals, and all elements of the biosphere healthier! This would, in turn, drastically affect our health and lifestyle – both as individuals and as a society in general.

Here are a few everyday eco-friendly habits that are very easy to incorporate into your day-to-day tasks but can dramatically change the fate of the human race and the environment we live in:

1. Reduced Food Wastage 

Reduce food waste by not buying extra, not cooking more than required, or stockpiling unnecessarily that will expire easily.

2. Say no to single-use plastic 

The market is flooded with single-use plastic that takes millions of years to degrade and pollutes the environment. Use reusable products and services instead!

3. Cut down on meat consumption

The richer the meat, the greater its carbon emissions in the environment. Cutting down on meat consumption can make the environment and your gut healthier.

4. Begin a compost pit 

Place all of your biodegradable waste in a compost pit to maximize its potential as a fertilizer, fuel source, and biodiversity conservation site.

5. Reduce your use of vehicles 

do not drive or ride your motorcycle to places easily accessible by walking or taking public transportation. This saves money, saves the environment, and makes you healthier too!

6. Be conscious while using water 

Though the major portion of the earth is covered with water, very little of it is suitable for drinking or domestic purposes. This is why we need to be extra cautious while using water.

7. Go for GMO-free foods

Genetically modified organisms can shake up the biodiversity of a place. Buy only natural and organically grown food items that are safer for the environment.

8. Fuel catalysts save the environment 

A proven, patented liquid fuel catalyst can help the fuel burn more efficiently and boost the engine's power. This ensures that harmful gasses are not produced while burning the fuel.

9. Get rid of indoor air pollution 

Pl.ace plants that suck up toxic gasses and open doors and windows daily to dissipate indoor air pollution.

10. Place indoor plants 

Apart from beautifying the ambience, indoor plants also produce oxygen and absorb toxic fumes and gasses that can build up due to domestic activities.

11. Keep a check on the electrical appliances

Not only do you need to cut down on the use of electricity but also ensure that the electrical appliances are well-working. Spoiled electrical appliances may consume more electricity.

12. Find eco-friendly cleaners

Among your everyday eco-friendly habits, cleaning is essential. But cleaning with such chemicals that harm the environment is not right. Make your DIY cleaners or buy eco-friendly cleaners for your home.

13. Wooden cutlery is a game-changer

Millions of small shops give disposable cutlery made up of non-biodegradable materials. If all those plastic, Styrofoam, and cling film wraps were replaced by eco-friendly, reusable, or biodegradable materials, we could save tons of trash from being generated.

14. Choose non-toxic cosmetics 

Many cosmetic plants have made a healthier choice by consciously taking care of the environment while producing their products. These eco-friendly beauty products are better for the environment and also much better for your skin.

15. Choose eco-friendly clothes and jewelry

Many eco-friendly brands make clothes and jewelry from recycled materials. This reduces the demand for raw materials and makes the environment healthier.

16. Carry your mugs

Plastic cups for coffee, tea, or other beverages contribute to waste generation. If you can carry a small mug with you, you are saving a large chunk of waste from being generated.

17. Avoid packaged drinking water

Instead, go for recyclable water bottles and keep filling them with fresh filtered water as and when needed.

18. Use rechargeable batteries-single-use batteries

Batteries are often thrown away into the dump yards without being treated. These batteries contain toxic substances that can leak into the land or react with other substances to produce toxic gasses. Rechargeable batteries save us from this mess.

19. Repair what can be repaired 

Instead of throwing away things as soon as they break or malfunction, try getting them repaired immediately. This saves money, reduces waste generation, and also suppresses the demand for the production of raw materials.

20. Donate 

If you do not need something that is in usable condition, donate it! This may clear up the clutter for you and benefit the person who receives it.

21. Check your car 

With age, your car can lose efficiency. Regular servicing keeps your car environmentally friendly and prevents the production of gases that harm the environment.

22. Consciously dispose of waste

Not all waste is supposed to be disposed of together. Learn the basics of waste segregation and disposal to know how to dispose of the various kinds of waste.

23. Make use of the nation's renewable resources 

Wind energy and solar energy can be used for electricity production as opposed to coal or water.

24. Do not waste paper

Try to store as much information digitally as possible.

25. Thrift what you can

Do not be ashamed to buy thrifted furniture or even clothes as they are not only lighter on the pocket but are greatly beneficial for the environment.


Going through these points, you must have realized that most of this is what you already know! The truth is, we all know the plight of our environment, and we are all aware of what needs to be done. It is just leaping and consciously trying to save the environment. It is not difficult at all, just inculcating simple, eco-friendly habits that can dramatically affect the environment and your health for good!

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