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15 Eco Friendly Tech Startups in India (2022)

by Priya jain 07 Sep 2022

With environmental concerns increasing every day, there is a dire need to channel some efforts towards saving the environment and preventing it from further deterioration. Environmental startups aim at sustainably targeting environmental issues. It is a win-win situation for both- the eco-friendly startups in India and the environment. While on the one hand, the environmental startups address the environmental issues and tackle them, on the other hand, foreign investors and noble ideas help to develop the country's economy too!

According to research, 75% of the waste generated in India is recyclable, but only about 30% is recycled! The 2015-18 economic boom was a crucial driver in the proliferation of clean technologies in the market. During this period, India was one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.

Here is a list of India's top environmental startups, including sustainable tech startups. You can get fantastic eco-friendly startup ideas from here; who knows, yours may be the new top eco-friendly startup in India!

1. Orb Energy

Orb Energy aims to help SMEs harness the affordable and eco-friendly energy means- solar energy! They sanction collateral-free loans to commercial and industrial customers to install a rooftop solar power system. Orb Energy has raised funding of over 13.6 million dollars to date!

2. Nepra

The motto of Nepra is "Zero Waste to Landfill" and "Closing the Loop,"- which creates a circular economy. Nepra Resource Management Private Limited works pan-India with five material recovery facilities with a capacity of 560 metric tonnes per day.  Nepra has raised funding of over 24.5 million dollars to date!

3. GPS Renewables

Green Power Systems (GPS) renewables aim at converting waste into energy in the most efficient way! These fully automated and AI-powered waste-to-energy solutions have been powering the urban areas. GPS Renewables has raised funding of over 23 million dollars to date!

4. Devic Earth

Devic Earth, through project Pure Skies, aims to save millions from Air Pollution. They are currently serving 20 million square meters across 25+ industries. Devic Earth has raised funding of over 1.36 million dollars to date!

5. D&D Ecotech

D&D Ecotech is the rainwater harvesting expert! They use the best rainwater harvesting management systems that are planned, designed, and implemented by them to store rainwater as well as recharge groundwater.  

6. Digital Green

Digital Green aims to empower the smallholder farmer and uplift them with the assistance of technology and grassroots-level partnerships. They make the environment for the farmers- nutrition-sensitive, climate-resilient, and inclusive to ensure that they have the best tools to get the best yield!

7. Zunroof

Zunroof aims to take solar energy to the residential level. They have made homes solar-powered across 75+ cities in India by designing, delivering, and diagnosing solar rooftop systems. Sunroof has raised funding of over 4.7 million dollars to date!

8. Ace Green Recycling

Ace Green Recycling has developed a clean and efficient lead-acid battery recycling technology. Their batteries operate at room temperature, contain zero air emissions and wastes and reduce heavy metal emissions markedly lower environmental damage. Ace Green Recycling has raised funding of over 10 million dollars to date!

9. Chakr Innovation

Chakr Innovation aims to reduce the content of particulate matter in the air. It traps about 80% of the emissions of particulate matter at the source and uses it to produce anything useful. Chakr Innovation has raised funding of over 3.3 million dollars to date!

10. Offgrid Energy

Offgrid Energy Labs aim at offering sustainable, safe, and cost-efficient battery technological solutions. They make use of eco-friendly, sustainable material materials and non-flammable electrolytes to make ZincGel Battery. Offgrid Energy has raised funding of over 1.3 million dollars to date!

11. WEGoT

WEGoT imagines a world with enough water for everyone and strives to make this imagination turn into reality! It offers you Smart Water Meters that help you manage water consumption and quality in real-time. It has raised a funding of over 3.5 million dollars to date!

12. Swajal

Swajal has the world's most advanced AI-enabled water purification system. They use eco-friendly technologies to make water usable and drinkable in the present and the future. Swajal has raised funding of over 2.8 million dollars to date!

13. Sea 6 Energy



Sea6 Energy has created the world's first ocean operating system. Through the ocean operating system, they aim to harness the unlimited potential of the oceans sustainably and ethically. Sea6 Energy has raised funding of over 17.9 million dollars to date!

14. Pi Green Innovations

Pi Green Innovations aim to make innovations in technology and design that can ensure a cleaner, pollution-free future. The mission of Pi Green Innovations is to make clean air accessible to everyone since it is our right. Pi Green Innovations has raised over 4.8 million dollars to date!

15. Recykal

Recykal is currently developing itself as one of Asia’s biggest marketplace by enabling all the sellers and buyers of the waste to do the transaction on one of the platforms. It provides the solution to power all of the sustainability goals with a future of making a smart city!


Eco-friendly startups are an excellent means to build a better present and future. These startups preserve the environment for us and our future generations and bring up revolutionary technologies that can cause a boom in the country's economy!

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