• How to Get Pink Lips Naturally? (6 Actionable Tips)

    How to Get Pink Lips Naturally? (6 Actionable Tips)

    ‘Pink Lips, Pink Lips’, haven’t we all heard about this song?  Everyone wants pink lips! Well, you do so, and that is why you are here! But have you ever wondered why exactly everyone wants pink lips? One simple reason may be- pink lips have been associated with looking pretty. Who does not want to have pink, rosy lips that attract anyone's attention with...
  • Is Beeswax Good for Lips?

    Is Beeswax Good for Lips?

    One of the very prominent questions asked today is whether Beeswax is good for lips or not. Before directly jumping on to the conclusion, let us first understand what exactly Beeswax is.Beeswax is a natural wax produced by worker honeybees in their wax-producing glands. A honeycomb is composed of beeswax and honey. It has been used for ages, from embalming the dead to polishing...
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