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How to Get Pink Lips Naturally? (6 Actionable Tips)

by Kunjal Chawhan 19 Jun 2022

‘Pink Lips, Pink Lips’, haven’t we all heard about this song? 

Everyone wants pink lips! Well, you do so, and that is why you are here! But have you ever wondered why exactly everyone wants pink lips? One simple reason may be- pink lips have been associated with looking pretty. Who does not want to have pink, rosy lips that attract anyone's attention with a smile?

But research suggests that the superiority of having pink lips is not restricted to beauty or aesthetics alone. Pink lips are usually a symbol of good health.

This is because lips can reflect what is going on inside the body since they are the orifice of your mouth. Dry, flaky, chapped lips usually represent dehydration or lack of nourishment.

Various reasons cause dark-colored lips- the main cause being smoking (we will talk about dark lips in the next section). The main idea is that pink lips are always associated with good health and well-being.

What Causes Lips To Get Dark?

Though the colour of your lips greatly depends upon the colour of your skin, it is mostly a shade of pink.

But many factors may cause the natural colour of your lips to change. While little can be done in some rare cases, like hormonal changes, mostly the causes of the natural lip colour change are controllable.

A common cause of lips getting dark is smoking or tobacco consumption. But there may be other factors as well- like excessive sun exposure.

Though you may apply SPF on your skin, your lips remain exposed to the harsh sun that causes them to lose colour. Certain health conditions, hormonal changes, or even certain medications may cause dark lips.

How to Get Pink Lips Naturally? 

Natural ways are the best, when it comes to putting anything on your skin. Here are some of the most effective natural ways to get pink and healthy lips naturally:

1. Use Vegan Lip Care Products:

Most lip care products available in the market are loaded with chemical additives. They do leave a pinkish tint immediately after use but harm your lips in the long run. Vegan lip care products like Coco Orange Truffle Lip Balm nourish your lips, making them beautiful and healthy inside out and giving them a natural pink tint.

2. Lip Scrubs:

Many lip scrubs are available on the market, but nothing can compare to an easy DIY homemade lip scrub. Just mix some granulated sugar with honey and massage your lips with it. It is gentle, free from any toxins, and leaves your lips smooth, pink, hydrated, and glossy.

3. Use Sunscreen:

Yes. You read it right. DO NOT leave your lips when you are coating your face with the sun protector, aka sunscreen. Look for a sunscreen that is safe to be used on lips, or go for a lip balm like Tree wear transparent lip balm with SPF but doesn't leave your lips naked to face the sun's wrath. 

 4. Get Your Lips Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is a boon for anyone trying to reverse the effect of the sun that has caused their lips (or skin) to darken. If you want to give your lips a good dose of Vitamin C, use the handmade vegan Lip Balm by Sintra naturals and get ready to get surprised.

 5. Lip Massage:

The main motive of a lip massage is to boost the blood circulation in your lips. This causes more nutrients to reach your lips and helps them heal faster. Massage your lips once in the morning and once before sleeping with a natural lip balm. Your lips will thank you later!

 6. Lip Mask:

A hydrating lip mask can work wonders if you have dry, chapped lips. Just put the mask on for some time, just like you put on a face mask, let it work its magic- and you have supple, hydrated, and healthy lips easily!

4 Tips For Maintaining Pink Lips

Once you have reversed the effects of external products and pollution and got back your natural lip colour, you must maintain the pink lips. Here are a few tips that can help you maintain them:

1. Avoid Smoking:

If you want your lips to look fresh, pink, and healthy- smoking is a BIG "NO, NO!" Smoking can cause discoloration of lips and make your lips dry.

2. Avoid Products with lots of chemicals:

Watch out for chemicals as they harm your lips in the long run- both in terms of beauty and health. Try to look for zero-waste or eco-friendly products as it is the best way to find out if they are natural and natural products do not harm your lips. Read the ingredients before you buy so you know what exactly are you applying on your lips.

3. Get Vitamin E Oil on your Lips:

Apart from Vitamin C, Vitamin E is that vitamin that is essential to keep your lips healthy. Just apply a generous amount of Vitamin E oil to your lips before you go to sleep and see how plump, hydrated, and pink they are in the morning.  Check out our handmade vegan Lip Balm by Sintra naturals

4. Keep Hydrating Yourself:

The essential factor in having pink lips is staying hydrated. This keeps digestion good, detoxifies your blood, keeps your organs healthy- and all this converges to you having hydrated, pink lips.

Foods That Can Help You Get Pink Lips

  1. Tomato: Red ripe tomatoes are rich in selenium. This powerful antioxidant acts as a shield to your lips against sun damage.

  2. Coconut: Coconut has a lot of essential nutrients and is amazing for hydration. This is why coconut is great for getting pink lips- whether you eat it or use it externally as oil.

  3. Walnut: Loaded with vitamin E, walnuts can do wonders for your lips (and skin and hair)

  4. Green Tea: Green tea is a powerful antioxidant and a great drink for getting rid of toxins. Drinking green tea can make you healthy inside out, which will be reflected in the colour of your lips.
  1. Honey: Like applying honey on the lips as a scrub can make them beautiful, consuming honey with all its natural vitamins and minerals can give your body inadequate nutrition and make your lips healthy and pink.

  2. Aloe Vera: Aloe vera can be considered an elixir of beauty. It detoxifies and has lots of vitamins and antioxidants that bring back the natural color of your lips and helps you retain it.

  3. Lemon: Lemon has a good dose of Vitamin C. As mentioned earlier, vitamin C can help reverse the effect of the sun on your lips, making them brighter and pink.

Hence, getting pink lips is not impossible, all you have to do is be consistent and stick to products which are natural and organic. Check out our lip care section curated specially with keeping natural ingredients and plastic free packaging in mind.

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