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Is Beeswax Good for Lips?

by Priya jain 16 May 2022

One of the very prominent questions asked today is whether Beeswax is good for lips or not. Before directly jumping on to the conclusion, let us first understand what exactly Beeswax is.

Beeswax is a natural wax produced by worker honeybees in their wax-producing glands. A honeycomb is composed of beeswax and honey. It has been used for ages, from embalming the dead to polishing wood. It has a lot of nutrients and hydrating properties that are valuable in terms of cosmetics and medicines.

How Beeswax Is Made?


Worker honey bees huddle together in the hives and raise the temperatures to around 33 degrees Centigrade. At this temperature, the wax glands present in their abdomen start secreting wax secreted through the scales in the abdomen. This liquid wax then solidifies on coming in contact with air.

So why do these honey bees make beeswax? The answer is- to make a home for the eggs. When the wax solidifies, the older worker bees use their jaws to chew and give shape to the wax in the form of cells that store honey and eggs. They use beeswax to build or fill their hives.

Why is Beeswax Good For Lips? 

Whether it is summer or winter, our lips often get dry, flaky, and painful. Though several lip balms are available on the market, they are often loaded with chemicals and pigments, which leads them to do more harm than good.

But taking care of your lips, keeping them hydrated and moist, and protecting them from infections, foreign irritants, and the sun's UV rays is essential. This is where we can use all the benefits beeswax has to offer.

The skin on our lips is much thinner than the rest of our bodies. This makes them more susceptible to dehydration, cracking, and damage. What beeswax does is that it forms a natural coat of wax on the lips. This coat helps protect the lips from anything foreign and helps prevent the loss of water- making the lips hydrated and plump.

Whatever we eat affects our lips first. If your lips are already chapped, eating something spicy can inflate your lips and even invite infections. Just like honey, beeswax also has antibacterial properties. Applying beeswax to lips can help you heal damaged or chapped lips faster. The antibacterial property also helps to protect the lips from any infections. 

Whenever we apply an anti-wrinkle cream or a sunscreen- we apply it only to our skin and not on our lips. But our lips also need attention and care to stay healthy. According to research, there is a good quantity of vitamin A found in beeswax. This vitamin A helps you reverse the effects of aging and protects the lips from the sun's UV rays.  

The best part about using beeswax products is that it is completely devoid of harmful chemicals for our bodies. It needs minimal processing for extraction and can be applied directly to lips to get the most beautiful, healthy, and plump lips.

Quickly Check Out What Are The Benefits Beeswax Has To Offer:

1. Lip Protection & Moisture Retention: 

Beeswax protects the lips from any chemicals in cosmetics and atmospheric pollutants. It makes a waterproof layer on the lips that helps them retain moisture. 

2. Heals Lips And Prevents Infections: 

If your lips are infected or are prone to frequent infections, beeswax with its antibacterial properties can help heal and prevent the infections.

3. Protects Lips From UV Rays: 

Applying sunscreen on lips may not be safe but you can protect your lips from the UV rays of the sun by applying beeswax on them

4. Natural Substance-Free Of chemicals: 

Beeswax is all natural- devoid of any chemicals that may harm you. A lot of tribal people even eat it so there is nothing to be concerned about with regards to its safety.

How To Use Beeswax On Lips? 

Though beeswax in its natural state can be directly rubbed on lips, you can make it even mor effective by making your own DIY Beeswax lip balm.

To make the lip balm, all you need to do is- heat a little amount of the beeswax on a double boiler. Once it melts, add a little bit of coconut oil or shea butter. You can even add some essential oil of your choice in it to make it fragrant. Allow it to cool, and then set it in a mold to carry it around wherever you like!

Beeswax is truly the best natural lip balm. Once you start using this unique, exotic lip balm, you will never want to go back to using those artificial, chemical-filled lip balms! Remember to take your DIY beeswax lip balm with you wherever you go, and let your lips be the show star!

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