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5 Eco-friendly Ganpati Decoration Ideas You Need

by Priya jain 23 Aug 2022 0 Comments

One of the most celebrated festivals across India is Ganesh Chaturthi, where people celebrate the birth of Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesha is the epitome of good luck, wisdom, and fortune. It is a ten-day festival celebrated with fascinating shows such as  evening aarti, elaborate feasts, modaks, and of course, a grand Ganpati visarjan. But as the Ganesh festival is just around the corner, you should be careful with all the eco-friendly Ganpati decoration ideas so as the celebration does not cost the environment

As the month of Bhadrapada approaches, Lord Ganesh's idol is crafted and painted by expert artists in the small roadside shops and even the prominent posh places. It is then that you know that Ganesh Chaturthi is approaching. Lord Ganesh is rightly referred to as the favorite god of the Hindus worldwide! The elephant-headed deity brings positivity, prosperity, and wealth and is known to remove all obstacles from your path.

Ganesh Chaturthi marks the beginning of a 10-day festival during which lord Ganesh's idol is established in homes, workplaces, and colonies, and all the devotees of lord Ganesh worship him and offer various offerings to him. During this time, eco-friendly Ganpati decoration ideas are needed to decorate the pandals and homes in the best way possible. 

While it is a festival filled with energy and spirituality, we often overlook the pollution we cause while celebrating it. The humongous Ganesh idols submerged in the water bodies increase the content of heavy metals, toxic paints, and the amount of TDS in water. This leads to the imbalance of life in the aquatic environment leading to the death of fishes and other Marine animals.

If you want to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in an eco-friendly manner without alleviating the festival's spirit, we are here to help you with eco-friendly Ganpati decoration ideas!

5 Ways To Make Ganesh Chaturthi Eco Friendly

1. Use Eco-Friendly Ganpati

eco friendly ganpati

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These days, many artists have become highly environmentally conscious and started making ecologically friendly Ganpati idols. These idols are made from paints  and clay that are non-toxic and do not adversely affect the water bodies in which the idols are submerged.  

If you want innovative ganpati decoration ideas for home and get highly involved in the festival, you can also make a simple Ganpati clay statue at home. You can get some porter's clay quickly or buy a Ganpati idol kit that comes with a Ganpati idol mould online. This way, you can customize your Ganpati idol by making it with your own hands. This is a lot better for the environment!

2. Use Reusable/ Biodegradable Decor

biodegradable decor

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Many decorative items used to decorate the pandals during Ganesh Chaturthi are made of plastic or other biodegradable materials. They are made of such frail material that they cannot be reused and add to waste generation and accumulation. 

To reduce this amount of waste generated, you can simply use biodegradable decorative items that can be easily recycled or made into compost. Alternatively, you can also use innovative Ganpati decoration ideas for home and use decorative items made from suitable quality materials that can be reused again and again year after year! This way, you save money and keep the environment without compromising on the beauty of the pandal.

3. Keep The Celebration Free Of Single-Use Plastic

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Single-use plastics are a threat to nature!  The best way to keep the world safe from the ill effects of single-use plastic is to avoid using it. So whether you want to distribute prasad or you want to buy fruits to offer to lord Ganesh, avoid single-use plastic at all costs! Instead, you can use paper bags, cloth bags, or even steel containers to store or distribute food items. 

4. Reduce Noise Pollution During The Visarjan Fun

The real fun of Ganesh Chaturthi is on the day of visarjan, on which everybody dances to music like nobody's watching. But while you dance in a carefree manner, care for those who may be affected by noise pollution.

Avoid playing loud music around places like hospitals or places that require silence. In addition, stick to the rules of time limits given in your particular area, after which you cannot blare the loudspeakers.

5. Don't Submerge The Idol In The Oceans or Other River Bodies- Do It In Your own home

ganesh visarjan at home

As mentioned earlier, the Ganpati idols made of toxic paints and harmful chemicals may be very dangerous for the fishes and other aquatic animals living in the oceans and rivers. Instead of submerging the Ganesh idols in water, try immersing them in a tub of water in your own home or backyard. Once the idol dissolves over a few days, you can repurpose the clay and plant small saplings to make it more environmentally friendly. The essence of lord Ganesh will then be stored in your home even after the visarjan.


All these points are straightforward to implement and do not take away the festival's vibe. Still, they can drastically affect the environment if even a few people understand and implement them during this Ganesh Chaturthi. Let Ganesh Chaturthi be prosperous and positive for everyone, including the environment!

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