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15 Eco Friendly Resorts in India (2022)

by Priya jain 28 Aug 2022 2 Comments

Arguably, India's nature is the show's true star, although it is frequently eclipsed by the country's impressive architecture and vibrant culture. And even though it may not be as well known for its ecotourism as countries such as Costa Rica, India is leading the way in Asia with some excellent eco resorts and lodges that will make you not want to leave

We, as Homo sapiens, are born with the intrinsic yearning to wander, take in the sights of the world, and immerse ourselves in all that it has to offer. So we won't have to curtail our travel plans to our great relief. Recently, many eco-friendly resorts have become involved in pushing towards sustainable tourism.

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1. Abode Bombay (Mumbai)

abode mumbai

Image source

The Abode Bombay is a boutique hotel that has tried its best to maintain its environmental impact low and its social impact good. This hotel caters to people who enjoy the urban jungle. The hotel has taken various steps to reduce its environmental impact, such as doing away with single-use plastics and recycling spent soap in collaboration with the Sundara Fund, situated in Kalwa.

The hotel partners with a company that only employs female taxi drivers, hire local guides, and collaborates with the national association of the blind to provide its spa services using therapists from that organization. All of these initiatives help the hotel better serve its guests.

Amid the craziness found in the otherwise stunning city of Mumbai, Abode is a much-appreciated refuge.

2. Maachli (Sindhudurg)


image source

Maachli (Sindhudurg), the eco-friendly resort in Maharashtra, is an award-winning resort. On the stunning (but still relatively unknown) Konkan coastline, you'll find Maachli, a rustic refuge that also functions as a farm stay. This region of India is less than 50 kilometers north of Goa and features the same lush foliage and beaches as Goa but without the crowds.

Maachli was created to reunite man and nature, which is precisely what it accomplishes, thanks to the product's design. Instead of anticipating all of today's comforts, this is the kind of environment that encourages appreciating the straightforwardness of life. The straightforward A-framed huts are constructed in such a way as to make the most of the breeze as a natural form of air conditioning (rather than the electric alternative), and the activities here include:

  • Going for a walk.
  • Appreciating the plants.
  • Learning how to make pottery.
  • Simply relaxing with a book.


3. Yab Yum Beach Resort (Ashwem)

yab bum beach resort

image source

Although the owners of this garden-like resort located right by the beach in Ashwem may be humble about their environmental successes, this is one of our favorite environmentally conscious resorts that we have stayed at in India throughout our travels there.

The high-end mud-hut-like rooms are built from local mud and clay, painted in a very comfortable shade of dark red inside, and thatched with native palms, to provide a cooling place to sleep (no air conditioning is required), as well as a feeling that is nurturing to the spirit. Not only does it not leave any trace in the surrounding environment, but there is also evidence to suggest that sleeping in an atmosphere surrounded by natural mud benefits one's health.

The resort does not feature a swimming pool (instead, guests have access to the Arabian Ocean, which is only a short walk away from their rooms), and the primary focus here is on practicing yoga and other forms of meditation. There are daily yoga lessons (medication for our limbs that were exhausted from traveling), and you will have Ashwem beach all to yourself in the majority of early mornings.


Those looking for additional excitement will find Arambol, Morjim, and Anjuna convenient to reach from Ashwem because of their location.

4. Wildernest Resort (Chorla Ghats, North Goa)

wildernest goa

image source

Wildernest is a true nature retreat for those who want to get away from it all (don't come here expecting Wi-Fi), but the rooms are modern and attractively done. Wildernest is well away from the coast, up in the hills and on the border of Maharashtra and Karnataka. Whether swimming in the resort's infinity pool, which offers a view of the ghats (hills), or going on a hike with one of the resort's naturalists, nature is the star of the show. As a result of the presence of several hides in this location, it is an excellent destination for people interested in birding and wildlife.

In addition, Wildernest operates a facility for wildlife research and conservation that aims to educate the surrounding communities and villages about the wildlife habitats of the Western Ghats in particular and the environment in general. This is done to protect the natural environment.

5. La Mangrove (Galgibag)

la mangrove eco friendly resort

image source

La Mangrove is a true "hidden gem" that can be found tucked away in the far south of Goa, which is south of Palolem. Because there are not many tourists that venture this far south in Goa, this could be the perfect location for you if you are looking for an eco-friendly resort in Goa that is peaceful and has is not too commercial or developed.

Glamping is short for glamorous camping, and La Mangrove is a luxury resort with just six teepee-style tents. Each tent features a full-size double bed, soft linens, power outlets to charge your phone, and even space to hang your clothing inside. In addition, you'll find private bathrooms equipped with composting toilets and magnificent outdoor rain showers only a few meters away.

The resort may be found on the banks of the Galgibag River, just a short distance from Galgibaga beach, sometimes known as "turtle beach." Enjoy some time to unwind away from the hustle and bustle of Goa's crowds while waking up to views of the peaceful river and mangroves.

6. Bandipur Jungle Lodges (Bandipur)

bandipur safari lodge

Image source

Tiger Tops and the state government of Karnataka came together in 1980 to form a public-private partnership (PPP) that would later become Jungle Lodge Resorts. This is the first eco-friendly resort in Karnataka to be established in India, and they have many locations spread over the state of Karnataka. 


Bandipur is the location of one of them, and I stayed there. It is located in a tranquil place close to the jungles of Bandipur and provides borders with the opportunity to go on ethical safari tours. The packages are sold per person, including boarding, meals, and a safari experience. We were pleasantly delighted to learn that the rooms were isolated cottages in the middle of the forest after making a reservation for a room that accommodated two people sharing one bed.

Each of the cottages was named after an animal that could be found in the Bandipur forest, and the walls of each cottage were decorated with stunning paintings of the corresponding animals. The rooms are spotless and very spacious. However, there is no television or air conditioning in the rooms. Even though it was summer, we were never left feeling overheated within the room due to the way it was constructed and the presence of vegetation in the surrounding area. They offer three meals per day in addition to snacks in the evening. 


Although there were not many selections, the quality of the cuisine was excellent. Each cottage has a hammock outdoors. However, you should be aware that there are monkeys in the area. We had the opportunity to watch a documentary on the daily activities of a tigress living in the Bandipur jungle as part of the standard safari package that we had booked.

7. Kabini of the Red Earth (Kabini, near Nagarhole)

red earth kabini eco resort

Image source

Red Earth is perfect for people who wish to completely unwind and immerse themselves in the beauty of nature because it is said to be "as close to stillness as you can get.". Both on the property itself and in the surrounding Nagerhole reserve, the resort is happy to assist you in planning jeep safaris, and guided nature walks with local experts.

Red Earth is a boutique hotel chain established to contribute to the community's long-term health and the natural environment in its immediate vicinity. The emphasis is placed on the local:

  • The local people.
  • The local produce.
  • The preservation of local arts and crafts is in danger of being lost.
  • The procurement of goods and services from the communities of local fishermen and farmers.

Nilgiris Wayanad Tribal Welfare Society (NWTWS) is a non-governmental organization that works in the fields of health, education, and community development in the forested areas of the Nilgiris in Wayanad. NWTWS does this by operating schools for tribal communities and assisting in providing medical care. The group supports and runs NWTWS.

8. Spice Village (Thekkady)

image source

Spice Village, located in the state of Kerala and situated in the western ghats, has been honored on multiple occasions for its innovative and pioneering approach to environmental preservation. Spice Village is one of the few resorts in India that can compete with the best in eco-friendly luxury.

 Spice Village is the epitome of feel-good luxury. Its prime location makes it an ideal choice for vacationers interested in seeing Thekkady and going to Periyar National Park (or simply looking for a respite from the humid climate of the coast). 


The resort is modeled after a typical spice town in Kerala, and each guest room is put out as a separate bungalow inside the grounds of the property. The grounds of the resort are rich in tropical vegetation and fauna and have an organic garden. In addition, the resort has naturalists available to guide guests through the grounds.

 Self-sufficiency is prioritized at this resort, as seen by the presence of a sizable solar power plant on the property, which generates almost all of the resort's required power. The people who work at Spice Village cultivate their food, use Ayurveda and natural cleaning products, create their soaps, and even make their paper.

9. Coconut Lagoon offers cruises along the Spice Coast (Kumarakom)

image source

It is one of the top places in Kerala for responsible tourism, and it is one of your best bets for experiencing the Kerala backwaters in a way that supports the local environment. Kumarakom is tucked away on the shores of Lake Vembanad, and it is one of the top places in Kerala for responsible tourism.

Houseboat tourism in Kerala's backwaters has been at the center of controversy among local communities. These communities are experiencing the effects of polluted water due to houseboat fuel, waste, and noise pollution caused by many boats plying the water while blasting loud music.

The proprietors of the tranquil and picturesque Coconut Lagoon Resort, CGH Earth, have also developed a more environmentally friendly version of the houseboat. It is a traditional Kettuvallom (rice barge) powered by a combination of solar energy and vegetable oils to reduce the amount of environmental damage caused.

10. Vythiri Resort (Wayanad)

image source
Many hotels claim that they are responsible today, prompted partly by the growing interest in environmentally friendly products and practices; nevertheless, the reality may be somewhat different.

In 2014, I went on a trip to Vythiri Village. It had already established a reputation for being a responsible luxury resort back then. And that was how it appeared to me. Vythiri is a refuge of calm that is in perfect contact with nature. It is located amid a lush forest not far from Wayanad in Kerala, one of the most popular in India. There are hanging bridges that cross rivers, cabins built into the trees, a cuisine suited to the realities of the area, local labor, and a building that respects the materials that are native to the area.

"Tread softly, you're approaching nature's home ground" is the motto of the resort Vythiri, which is located in dense tropical rainforest on the outskirts of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. This phrase is appropriate for the resort because it was deliberately planned (which contains the Nagarhole and Bandipur parks over the border in Karnataka).

 To provide guests with the opportunity to feel as though they are staying in a jungle hideaway in its entirety, this location offers a variety of tree houses, pool-side villas, and suites, as well as some secluded cottages.

After a long day of exploring the property's grounds on foot, your muscles will appreciate the opportunity to relax in one of the property's multiple pools, spas, or Ayurvedic centers.

11. Dune Eco Village & Spa (Pondicherry)

image source

It is a place of serenity, a great cry from the chaotic world and the congested streets of Chennai, where my family resides. On the 35 acres of oceanfront property, there are more than 50 bungalows, and no two of them are the same. Each bungalow featured a one-of-a-kind design and was crafted by a different artist, designer, or architect worldwide.

The bungalows combine opulence with a connection to nature in their design. They were previously used in Colonial homes, Chettinad palaces, and Kerala planter's mansions before reclaimed. The cottages come fully furnished with organic linens and solar-powered water purification systems. Even more enjoyable was the fact that they had an outdoor shower.

 The resort's restaurants provide organic veggies in their gourmet fusion dishes, created using healthy ingredients. In addition to a wide variety of alternative treatments, the Spa at Dune provides Ayurvedic therapies, yoga, and meditation.

Dune Eco Village has expanded to include a Deepak Chopra Healing Center within its walls in recent years. This center provides Ayurvedic treatments, yoga and meditation, and a wide variety of western massages and hot water therapies, such as Water Shiatsu and Water Yoga. My children still talk about and fondly remember the activities that they participated in while staying at this eco-resort. I can also attest that Ayurvedic massages are among the most peaceful experiences I've ever had while traveling.

12. Diphlu River Lodge (Kaziranga, Assam)

assam eco resort

image source

The Diphlu River Lodge is widely regarded as a haven of tranquility and natural beauty in North East India. It is located near Kaziranga National Park and is fit for royalty (since Wills and Kate have stayed here).

The atmosphere at the resort is relaxed and laid-back while still cozy, and the guests are encouraged to take in and appreciate their natural surroundings. There are 12 cottages, each artfully crafted using natural materials like bamboo and wood. Their roofs were thatched with palm leaves to provide seamless environmental integration. In addition, they engage in organic farming and utilize a variety of waste reduction techniques, such as composting and reusing gray water.

Guests at the lodge are accompanied on their excursions to Kaziranga by their professional team of naturalists. In addition to organizing jeep tours in the park, the resort can also set up river excursions to observe river dolphins, Brahmaputra river cruises, and tours of nearby tea gardens.

13. La Maison de Ananda (Majuli, Assam)

image source

Despite concerns about its deterioration and eventual disappearance, the Island is a tranquil part of India to relax in and only sees a stream of travelers at this time.

La Maison de Ananda was the first and remained the most well-liked guesthouse on the Island. Because it translates to "home of happiness," it's not hard to see why it got its name. The guesthouse is the property of a local Mishing tribal family and was built in the customary fashion of that tribe using timber and stilts. The Mishing tribe is responsible for the construction of the residence. It's a specific event, much like the chill attitude that permeates daily life on this Island.

14. Kohima Camp, the Pinnacle of All Camping Experiences (Nagaland)

nagaland eco friendly resort

image source

Kohima camp is a luxury tented camp set up in the forest wilderness. It is set up every summer in preparation for the Hornbill festival. The camp adds a touch of glamor and luxury to the experience of staying in the magnificent outdoors of northeast India.

The spacious tents come with deluxe private bathrooms and verandas for outdoor relaxation. Each tent features a large bed with four posts and furniture in the style of colonial America, including desks, chairs, sofas, armchairs, and ample cupboards. In addition, each camp features a Reception Tent and a Dining Tent, with the former housing a sizable library and providing board games, and the latter providing a selection of regional, Indian, and worldwide dishes that are prepared using ingredients gathered from the surrounding area.

The camps provide their guests with guided and immersive tour options to ensure an authentic experience of Nagaland, including its customs and cuisine. In addition, the location offers the best opportunity to absorb all of the region's natural beauty.

15. The Nest of the Traveler (Chitkul, Kinnaur)

In the shadow of the Himalayas, tiny villages such as Chitkul may be found in India's Kinnaur region. Chitkul is one such village. If you have ever traveled to Northern India on your own, you will see Chitkul. In addition, you may experience living in the last inhabited village on the old India-Tibetan border by staying in an eco-friendly lodge in Chitkul, like The Wanderer's Nest. This lodge is located in Chitkul.

It is not a site where one can expect modern conveniences; nonetheless, you can be sure of the simplicity of the lodge and the gorgeous river, which is the Baspa River and is covered with enormous oak and pine trees.

The lodge is dedicated to providing persons in creative industries such as music, writing, and painting, as well as other fields that are analogous with opportunities to reconnect with nature through activities such as trekking and fishing. Hiking to the Baspa river valley during the day, interacting with members of the indigenous tribes who live in the adjacent Raksham village under the cherry blossom trees, and even fishing for trout in the river are all activities that provide a sense of liberation.

The resort is focused on providing guests with an experience-oriented stay that complements the natural environment and its work through human creativity. The serenity of the Himalayas will be your only company during your time there. The lodge is committed to its environmentally responsible practices, maintaining its respect for the natural world while still providing guests with a simple place to stay in the Himalayas. To bring together all of the creative minds in the Baspa valley, yearly activities such as the Artists Meet are held.

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