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18 Eco Friendly Alternatives to Plastic in Your Life

by Priya jain 07 Aug 2022 2 Comments

Plastics are one of the most significant components of modern technological civilization because of their robustness, flexibility, durability, extended lifespan, and resistance to corrosion, as well as the complete applications for which they may be used.

In fact, only 9% of Plastic produced is ever recycled. (source)

plastic pollution stats

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It is frequently encountered wrapped around the goods that we buy regularly. It's almost impossible to imagine our lives without plastic.  It’s everywhere starting from our basic home products to food and cosmetics.

We travel in automobiles, trains, and airplanes with plastic components; we wear clothing made of plastic fibers; we sit in seats made of plastic etc.

One of the most significant negative effects that plastic bags have on the natural world is that it takes a very long time for them to degrade. In addition, the breakdown of plastic bags in the sun results in the release of hazardous compounds into the surrounding soil, and the combustion of plastic bags results in the release of a toxic substance into the surrounding air, contributing to the problem of ambient air pollution.

Since 1950, human activity has produced 8.3 billion metric tonnes of plastic, of which 6.3 billion metric tonnes have been converted into waste, and only 9 percent of that rubbish has been recycled.

The remainder of the waste is dumped in landfills and waterways worldwide, contributing to wildlife's destruction and trash accumulation on beaches. Roughly forty percent of all waste consists of discarded containers and packaging. Our dependence on plastic has become increasingly risky due to the large quantities of the substance we manufacture and then throw away.

What can we use instead of Plastic?

The answer is products made with environmentally friendly products. There are eco friendly alternatives to everyday items. Their availability gives us a choice to use products made with sustainable materials so that our choice helps the environment prosper.

To help you make this choice we have put together a list of 18 sustainable alternatives that you can be using.

The 18 Most Eco-Friendly Substitutes for Everyday Plastic Products:

Finding eco friendly alternatives to plastic in your daily life doesn't have to be difficult, and doing so can drastically reduce your impact on the environment. It is time to stop using plastics that are only meant to be used once and instead turn to more environmentally friendly substitutes for plastic.

1. Bamboo

bamboo as an atlernative to plastic

Bamboo can be used to make a wide variety of environmentally friendly items, which is something that will surprise you. You have various options, including cutlery, tissues, stationery, serving trays, workout towels, planters, and more! In contrast to forests of trees, bamboo groves may rejuvenate themselves within three to five years and thrive without the application of pesticides.

It possesses various inherent capabilities, such as the ability to filter air and water and fight off pathogens. It is also exceptionally robust. Bamboo Products are an excellent option for you and the environment because they are biodegradable, simple to cultivate, and long-lasting. Bamboo alternatives to plastic contains various everyday use products, some of which are also available at Green Feels.

Top Bamboo Products from Green Feels

 Products Price
Bamboo Reusable Makeup Removal Wipes Rs 499
Adult Bamboo Toothbrush Rs 396
Bamboo Reusable Makeup Remover Pads Rs 549
Bamboo Towels Rs 699
Bamboo Straws with Cleaner Rs 199

2. Upcycled Tyre

Since 2010, the automotive sector has expanded at an astounding pace of 15 percent, which has led to the production of automobile components such as tires on a massive scale. To our great relief, most rubber products are designed and manufactured to minimize their impact on the surrounding ecosystem.

When tires reach the end of their useful life, rather than throwing them away as waste, they are recycled into goods that are better for the environment. You can find recycled or upcycled tire products, such as wallets, rubber planters, laptop bags, handcrafted couches, footwear and more, both online and in stores.

3. Coconut

coconut alternative to plastic

According to projections made by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the global production of coconut in 2013 was approximately 62 million metric tonnes. The vast majority of which is incinerated or disposed of in landfills. The recycling process for coconut is relatively straightforward, and it is the most adaptable and environmentally benign alternative to plastic.

Because nearly every component of a coconut can be put to another use, virtually none of the fruit's pieces are ever thrown away. Combs, cutlery, candle shells, bowls, mugs, and a variety of other items can be fashioned from it. In addition to that, they are also fantastic for making eco-friendly gift baskets.

Top Coconut Products from Green Feels

 Product Price
Coconut Bowl with Cutlery Rs 599
Coconut Bowl Rs 499
Coconut Travel Cutlery Rs 199

4. Glass

glass instead of plastic

According to several studies, producing glass from recycled glass results in a reduction in water pollution that is fifty percent lower and an air pollution reduction that is twenty percent lower. It’s a safe eco friendly substitutes to plastic bottles. Making the straightforward change of utilizing glass bottles and containers rather than those made of plastic can have a significant impact. Glass containers are even more secure for storage.

Unlike plastic containers, they do not leach harmful chemicals into the food they contain. Products made of glass have the appearance of sophistication and elegance, and as a result, they make excellent green business gifts.

5. Dung from Cows

Relax, it's not that disgusting. Unless someone specifically tells you, there is no way for you to determine whether or not anything is constructed out of cow manure. Cow manure is known to have a wealth of minerals, including nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which is common knowledge.

It is a naturally occurring substance that can be easily broken down into parts, making it a Eco-friendlier and more advantageous alternative to plastic. Many earthy and charming cow dung products are available, such as bangle boxes, utility trays, carry bags, gift boxes, and so on.

6. Paper Made Without Trees

eco friendly paper

In most cases, tree-free paper is manufactured from agricultural byproducts such as lemongrass, sugarcane, white cotton rag, etc. The plant resource used to make tree-free paper develops quickly and does not disrupt the natural ecology, one of the benefits of utilizing this type of paper.

A wide range of products made from tree free paper do not involve cutting down trees; some examples are art books, greeting cards, gift bags, desk calendars, handmade papers, and more.

7. Repurposed Cloth or Fabric

repurposed fabric

Repurposing or Upcycling refers to the process of generating a new product out of the same fabric that was previously used. Because of quick fashion, a lot of garments end up as trash.

When shredded and thrown away, small pieces of tablecloths and rags contribute to the accumulation of debris in our oceans and landfills. Fabrics can be repurposed into various chic items such as masks, cushion covers, aprons, rakhi, fabric lanterns, purses, and more. You will find so many brands today that sell upcycled products.

8. Jute

jute as an alternative to plastic

Jute is rapidly becoming an increasingly popular eco-friendly alternative to plastic, and many people know that even though cotton is an environmentally sound fiber. And it trumps cotton every time! Jute plants can remove approximately 15 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the air while producing 11 tonnes of oxygen per hectare.

In addition, its growth does not require the application of any insecticides or pesticides, which contributes to reducing adverse effects on the environment.

It is well-known for its tensile strength, as well as its durability and affordable nature. Jute is a sustainable material that can biodegrade fully, it can be recycled, and it can be used again. Products made from particularly well-liked jute include sling bags, table runners, gift envelopes, pouches, and notebooks, amongst other things.

9. Cork

cork plastic substitute

In addition to being recyclable and biodegradable, cork is also an environmentally friendly material. If you were looking for a reason to buy cork items, here it is: once the cork has been removed from the tree's bark, it absorbs three to five times the average amount of carbon dioxide, allowing us to breathe easier. We cannot develop a more compelling argument for switching to cork products.

In this collection, you may find an original assortment of cork products like wallets, passport holders, yoga mats, and other things. In addition to this, cork oak woods are among the most biologically diverse ecosystems on the planet. Cork oaks are essential to the ecosystem that allows for the survival of several endangered species, including the Iberian Imperial Eagle, the Iberian Lynx, and the Barbary Deer.

Top Cork Products from Green Feels

 Products Price
Cork Yoga Brick Rs 899
Cork Mat Rs 2,855
Cork Coasters Rs 299

10. Wheatstraw

Wheat is one of the most widely grown agricultural products in India. And the amount of rubbish that is produced is incomprehensible to us. For those of you who are unaware, wheat straw is the stalk that is left over after wheat grains have been harvested.

Wheat straw is a potential candidate for one of the most easily accessible and biodegradable alternatives to plastic. You will find a lot of cutlery made from wheat straw as it’s very durable and convenient to use for events and parties.

11. Natural Fiber

natural fibre alternative to plastic

Natural fiber composites are excellent material alternatives to address pollution and the inability of materials to degrade naturally. Several different businesses, the automotive industry, in particular, have demonstrated a significant degree of interest in the use of natural fiber composites in the products that they produce.

12. Recycled Paper

Our handmade notebook comes in a pack of five and is created from recycled paper.

One of the primary contributors to forest loss is the ever-increasing need for paper products. They are something that we make use of daily in our routine. But why should we bother making more paper when recycling it into new paper is such a simple process?

One of the most effective methods to lessen the damage that cutting down trees does to the surrounding ecosystem is to reuse materials after they have been used. For instance, recycled paper can be transformed into a wide variety of environmentally valuable items, such as fresh handmade papers, present wrapping paper, and rolls of paper towels. Boxes made of cardboard are recycled and turned into new cardboard boxes, paper bags, and other packaging materials.

Top Recycled Paper Products from Green Feels

 Products Price
Recycled Paper Postcards Rs 300
Hard Bound Journal Set Rs 550
Affirmation Journal Rs 920


13. Organic Cotton:

In contrast to synthetic fibers such as polyester or acrylic, which are more hazardous to the environment and can release toxic compounds when washed or worn, organic cotton does not release micro-plastics into the wash or during wear.

14. Stainless steel:

In place of plastic, stainless steel is rapidly becoming the product that sees the most significant demand. This long-lasting metal can be an alternative to single-use cups, kitchen storage, lunch boxes, and more. 

Top Stainless Steel Products from Green Feels

 Products Price
Stainless Steel Straws Rs 299
Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner Rs 225

15. Products Made From Beeswax and Soywax:

Beeswax wrap is more eco-friendly than plastic cling wrap or aluminum foil alternatives. Beeswax wrap can be found at most grocery stores. Because it decomposes in landfills, beeswax paper is an excellent option for wrapping presents without waste. Beeswax is used to make a wide variety of items. Since soy wax can be broken down naturally, purchasing a candle made of soy wax is an action that contributes to the preservation of the natural world.

Top Beeswax Products from Green Feels

 Products Price
Orange Truffle Lip Balm Rs 600
Organic Vegan Lip Balm Rs 200
Coco Vanilla Natural Face Cream Rs 1,799


16. Wood

wood as an alternative to plastic

Wood is a specific kind of biopolymer, which is also referred to as bioplastic due to its dual nature. These materials have the appearance and functionality of conventional plastics. Still, in contrast to plastics made from petroleum, they are biodegradable and do not negatively impact the environment like traditional plastics.

Top Wood Products from Green Feels

 Products Price
Neem Wood Comb Rs 129
Wooden Copper Bottle Rs 1850
Tic Tac Toe Wooden Game Rs 599

17. Coir

Because coir is a suitably eco-friendly substance, the application of coir will never cause any harm to the environment, and as a result, there will be no cause for resentment in this regard. It is not accurate to refer to coconut coir as a by-product of the coconut industry because of its unique properties.

Top Coir Products from Green Feels

 Products Price
Coir Pan Brush Rs 150
Coir Vegetable Brush Rs 99
Coir Dust Removal Brush Rs 190

18. Cardboard

The fact that cardboard may be degraded and deteriorates considerably faster than plastic is a significant advantage for sustainability. One essential benefit is that cardboard boxes are reusable and easily recyclable in almost all recycling centers.

Additionally, because the edges of the boxes are bendable, they can collapse when they are not in use, so the packages take up less space. It is one of the most sustainable, easy to find and cost effective packaging options right now.


A wide variety of choices are available for eco-friendly substitutes for plastic. We can significantly impact the environment even if we only make modest adjustments to how we live our lives. To get started on your road toward a greener lifestyle, it is recommended that you take baby steps, one at a time.

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26 Jul 2023 Funmilola Ajani
This is nice, l love these alternatives. It tends to solve a lot of plastic pollution issues.
29 Apr 2023 Kian Sharma
i loved it

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