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10 Eco Friendly Houses in India That Inspires Sustainability

by Priya jain 03 Jul 2022 8 Comments

Eco Friendly Houses in India is an upcoming movement that is showing quite a promise. More and more people are drifting towards an Eco-friendly lifestyle and they are starting with building their eco-friendly homes.


As per Google Trends data, Karnataka as a state has the highest search trends for "Eco Friendly House" and the graph also suggest that the idea of eco friendly homes hasn't penetrated well all around the country.

Very often today, we hear the word 'Live A Sustainable Life' as there is a drastic shift in how people look forward to living their lives. We live in a progressive world, where there is tremendous awareness of the growing needs of the environment and making sure each one of us can do our bits.

The environment is howling in its way to communicate to us some severe issues like increasing the carbon footprints. Fortunately, many of us have started taking corrective measures and embracing the 'Sustainable' way of living. Most people have begun making changes in their lifestyles and designing their homes to be more eco-conscious. 

 Here are 10 eco-friendly houses in India and significant sustainable home designs built with utmost consciousness of keeping the planet's well-being in mind.

1. Hombelaku in Bangalore

hombelaku eco friendly house

(image source)

Instead of bricks, construction has sometimes been done with blocks made of clay and mud. This one is a true example of one of the best eco friendly homes in Bangalore. The walls have not been plastered or painted to reduce lead exposure. Instead of mosaic tiles, straightforward Kota tiles and clay tiles have been utilized for flooring purposes. Solar water heaters and solar lamps (for use during power outages) can reduce the amount of electricity used. During the day, the house gets much of its lighting from the large skylights throughout the structure.

Waste is separated into different piles, and compost is produced for use in the garden's vegetable beds. System for collecting rainwater that is effective and capable of providing an entire family with all the water it needs. A recycling system for grey water that uses water from the dishwasher and the kitchen sink to clean things like automobiles and other surfaces. It was built for 15 percent lower than that of a traditional house (no plaster, paint, or cement was used).

2. Sanjay and Pratibha Singh's House in Bangalore

Pratibha singh eco friendly house

(Image source)

Vermicompost, formed from a household's moist waste, is the fertilizer of choice for an organic garden. There is only one fan in the house, but it is rarely used because there is plenty of vegetation all around it, and sunshine pours in through the windows that are 8 feet tall and the skylights. The used water from the kitchen is recirculated by a natural filter, a non-electrical system consisting of gravel, sand, and other sediments. This water is then applied to the garden to keep it hydrated. Additionally, the garden is irrigated by the rainwater gathering system for five months out of the year.

3. N R House in Hyderabad

n r house hyderabad

(image source)

The natural color scheme, accents of semiprecious and natural stone, and natural wood saw throughout the home all speak to NR House's commitment to sustainability, which is one of the home's guiding principles.

The use of the terrace to cultivate organic vegetation and install solar panels to generate electricity are examples of this house's commitment to sustainability. Interestingly, the natural stone already presented on the property has been used as a component of the design both inside the house and outside in the garden and yard.

Similarly, the exposed concrete ceilings throughout the home each feature a unique embedded design, contributing to the home's overall allure. Marble, brass inlays, and metallic accents are used extensively throughout the area, contributing to the general air of refinement. For example, hollow doors not only let unrestricted airflow but also create a blurred distinction between the indoors and the outdoors. The interiors are brimming with components crafted from natural materials, giving off a very zen atmosphere.

4. Farmers Home in Dakivali

farmers home dakivali

(image source)

The environmentally friendly, cost-efficient, and climate-responsible layout of the 1,400-square-foot building situated on the 5,000-square-foot lot includes features such as a climate-responsive design. It is a total example of the ideal low budget eco friendly house.

The farmer's house is a perfect example of low-cost eco friendly houses in India, where he lives with his wife and two sons, was constructed on a limited financial plan. The home exudes a sense of the local area and maintains an organic link with its environs. The company sourced materials readily available in the area to build the house. The bricks and fly ash jali blocks were made with resources accessible within a three-kilometre radius of the production site. They kept the home decor looking raw and rustic throughout the house. 

5. Hosamane in Bangalore

hosamane bangalore eco home

(image source)

Solar energy provides virtually all of the power for this low budget eco friendly house. The household's water needs are supplemented by the rainwater collection system installed approximately two years ago.

There is a variety of use for grey water, including gardening and flushing. The dry garbage from the household is sent out for sale, while the moist waste is composted and used in the garden.

6. Coconut Shells House in Mumbai

coconut shells house mumbai

Coconut shells were utilized in the construction of this earth-friendly and frugal home. When used on walls and roofing, the natural hollow of coconut shells contributes to the house's ability to maintain a naturally cool temperature.

The temperature reduces by roughly 4-5 degrees. As a result, there is no longer a requirement for air coolers and air conditioners, both of which use a significant amount of water and energy.

7. 100% Recyclable House in Haryana

recyclable house haryana

(image source)

According to the architect, the project's purpose was to comprehend and investigate the possibilities of using raw and unsterilized earth as a feasible material for a modern house with more than one storey.

This house can withstand the intense heat since it is constructed from mud and bamboo. The entire home is made entirely of recyclable materials, and it even has a live roof with grass growing right on top of it.

8. Eco Friendly House Kerala

eco friendly house kerala

(image source)

These homes used various materials, including wood, bricks, tiles, and stones. The fact that the house was constructed in less than a quarter of a year was the most intriguing aspect! This residence is 12,000 square feet and was made entirely from waste materials, with bamboo serving as the building's skeleton.

This eco-friendly home was constructed as a natural extension of the surrounding environment by using recycled materials. These materials include beer bottles, bricks, and doors taken from locations where structures have been demolished.

The house's construction uses methods that are kind to the environment, which helps reduce the home's overall carbon impact. The fact that the house was constructed in less than a quarter of a year was the most intriguing aspect!

9. Laughing Waters in Bangalore

laughing waters eco friendly home

(image source)

They have pooled their collective talents to create this structure, which was built by a water conservationist as well as a community gardener. resulting in a house that makes very efficient use of water, enabling the residents to cultivate ninety percent of their vegetables in their very own backyard.

They collect water from rainfall in order to store it in tanks that are buried underground. Their kitchen gardens are watered with reclaimed grey water from the house. By utilizing these techniques, they are able to conserve 15,000 liters of water and reuse practically all of it.

The energy needs of the community are almost entirely met by solar power, with the exception of the microwave and the water pump. The household's terrace garden provides ninety percent of the kitchen's required ingredients. Rainwater that has been collected is routed through a sand bed for filtration before being placed in underground tanks for storage.

Solar energy is used to power almost all electronic gadgets, with few exceptions. An efficient method for recycling grey water is used as part of the irrigation process for the expansive gardens.

10. Kachra Mane in Bangalore

kachra mane eco home

(image source)

Eighty percent of the fittings come from demolished houses, the wood comes from scrap dealers, and most of the domestic appliances were purchased and used. Pinewood shipping crates that had been dumped were used to craft various elements of the house, including the windows, stairs, kitchen cupboards, and bookshelves.

These elements were finished with linseed oil. Solar energy, rainwater collection, and grey water recycling systems have been set up. The home was built on top of an existing structure, and no alterations were made to the original layout of the building. It was completed in just seven months at a cost that was far less than half what it would have a price to build a "traditional" home.


Having empathy for your own planet is the need of the hour. The first step towards moving towards a sustainable life is to start looking for eco friendly houses in India. Post which, you can gradually move to sustainable home products, which are not a burden to the planet. Each individual’s contribution will together make the world a happy and toxic free place. 


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26 Jul 2023 Prashant
Wonderful. Please suggest some builders in Indore , who take up building individual house on greenfeels line.
26 Jul 2023 annaibharathhousing

Thank you for this informative blog on eco-friendly houses in India! We appreciate the effort you’ve put into highlighting the importance of sustainability in the construction industry. At Annai Bharath Housing, we share the same vision of creating environmentally friendly homes. We believe in incorporating eco-conscious practices and materials in our projects to minimize the carbon footprint and promote a greener future. If you’re looking for quality houses in Madurai that prioritize sustainability, we would be more than happy to assist you in finding your dream home.

26 Jul 2023 Cobbles Exporters from India

Nice Post, This is very helpful information keep posting regular for these helpful information.
If you want know who is best Cobbles Exporters from India

29 Apr 2023 Anjali
Can you share builders of such eco friendly houses in Visakhapatnam..
29 Apr 2023 Nikhil

Thanks for sharing such beautiful houses and their stories with us, it would be really helpful if you could also share their contact information so that we can reach out to the architects n builders who did such an wonderful job

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