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Importance of Eco Friendly Products

by Priya jain 18 May 2022 2 Comments

Eco-friendly is a term used to denote something safe for the environment or does not harm it when used or disposed of somewhere. In short, it does not contribute to air, water, or land in any form.

Things you will learn in this article

1. How to tell if something is eco-friendly?

2. What are Eco Friendly Products?

3. Benefits of Eco-Friendly Products

4. Types of Eco-Friendly Products

5. How can using Eco-Friendly Products help save the planet?

How To Tell If Something Is Eco-Friendly?

Some certifications or logos are given to products by recognized institutes. But if you want to be the judge- lookout for anything that is easily biodegradable does not have plastics, aerosols, or is reusable. All these criteria make a product eco-friendly.

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What Are Eco-Friendly Products?

eco friendly products

Eco-friendly products do not harm the environment or the ecology during their production, use, or disposal. It is often made of natural products, but care is taken not to harm nature, even if the raw materials are natural.

Benefits Of Eco-Friendly products:

Using eco-friendly products is the need of the hour. When there is widespread destruction of natural resources taking place worldwide, the earth is being exploited and overtaxed; it is the use of eco-friendly products that can take some burden off the shoulders of nature.

1. You Help Save Nature

Over-exploitation, pollution, and destruction of natural resources can cause an imbalance in nature. Since mankind is a part of nature, it is crucial to switch to eco-friendly products to help save nature from destruction.

2. Save Mankind

Everything in this world is interdependent. If any part of nature is affected, humans too will be affected by it- directly or indirectly. We see how many new diseases are creeping into society every day- all this has roots lying in the irresponsible production and disposal of products.

3. Better Climate

Climate change is real, and it is happening at an extremely faster rate than it was a few decades ago. The extremes of temperatures of both heat and cold have a devastating effect on all aspects of our life- right from health to agriculture, ice caps, and even our flora and fauna. Using eco-friendly products can help combat this effect and ensure better climatic conditions for the future.

4. A Healthier Life

All-natural products are devoid of chemicals that adversely affect human health. If you switch to eco-friendly products, you are helping nature from a broader perspective and choosing to live a healthier, safer, non-toxic, chemical-free life for yourself.

5. Cost-Effective

Eco-friendly products often run on non-exhaustive resources of the environment. This means that they are more cost-effective than any other artificially made product available.

Types of Eco-friendly Products:

 1. Eco-Friendly Travel Products: 

Reusable water bottles, plastic-free packages and recycled paper napkins are such eco-friendly travel products.

 Product Image Price
EcoBuddy Travel Coffee Mug
Rs 499
Rose Gold Stainless Steel Straws Rs 299
Bamboo Cutlery Travel Kit Rs 249

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 2. Sustainable House Decor Products: 

Instead of using plastics for decorating houses, you can stick to real plants, jute wall hangings, or recycled plastic pots to make your home eco-friendly.

 Product Image Price
Cell Phone Basket Rs 2,220
Origami Red Lantern Rs 450


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 3. Reusable Bags: 

Plastic bags are often disposed of after a single use and keep lying undecomposed for centuries. Reusable bags made of cloth or any other eco-friendly material can greatly have a positive impact on the planet.

 Product Image Price
EcoBuddy Vegetable Reusable Bags Rs 2,220
Origami Red Lantern Rs 450


4. Sustainable Period Products: 

Sanitary napkins and tampons contribute largely to human waste. Moon cups or silicone menstrual cups are reusable, environmentally friendly, and pocket-friendly.

 Product Image Price
Menstrual Cup - Hiccup Rs 849
Bamboo Fiber Panty Liners Rs 240
Menstrual Cup Sterilizing Container Rs 299


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 5. Eco-Friendly Stationery: 

Most of the stationary these days is made of plastic. You can help conserve the environment by using recyclable stationery made of metal, cardboard, or paper.


 Product Image Price
White Elements Affirmation Journal Rs 920
100% Recycled Paper Notebooks Rs 199


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 6. Eco-Friendly Kitchen Accessories:

Aluminum foil over cling films, reusable tiffin boxes over plastic boxes- these are small choices that can make your kitchen eco-friendly.


How can using Eco-Friendly Products help save the planet?

In a world where almost everything we do adds to pollution or negatively influences nature and human health, using eco-friendly products breaks this chain. These products ensure energy usage only from healthy, renewable sources that neither get exhausted nor have a negative influence on the environment.

Using green products can greatly reduce pollution, which can help slowly reverse the effect of the deterioration of the environment over the years.

It can significantly reduce waste generation and promote the reuse and recycling of waste products. This will prevent the earth from becoming a large dump yard in the coming years.

In short, using eco-friendly products will preserve the planet and all its inhabitants from the ill effects of human activities.

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26 Jul 2023 Siyaram Vishwakarma
Thank you for sharing this insightful and well-written blog post. The information you provided was practical and relevant, and I appreciated the actionable tips and suggestions you provided. To delve deeper into this topic, click here.
26 Jul 2023 Martina

Amazing blog! I am using eco-friendly stationery myself and I am delighted and amazed at how good it is.

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