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14 Eco Friendly Hotels in India That Inspires Sustainability

by Priya jain 16 Jul 2022 0 Comments

If you are struck with wanderlust and love to explore new places, you know how essential it is to find the right hotel that meets all your requirements. But choosing a hotel with a nice location and good room service is not enough. The hotel that you choose for your stay must be in alignment with your principles of life as well.

Why do we need to have Eco-Friendly Hotels?

Hotels are one of the greatest waste producers, and all the housekeeping activities generate large amounts of unused items that could have easily been reused or recycled. If you are a person who is conscious of nature and the importance of being eco-friendly, you must always strive to choose eco-friendly hotels.

If you want to travel to distant places in India and are looking for the best eco-friendly hotels in India, you are in the right place!

Current Problems With The Sustainability Of Hotels:

Unfortunately, many hotels built in beautiful, scenic natural surroundings often forget to take care of the surroundings. They let their wastewater out untreated into the nearby lakes or lagoons, generating an immense quantity of toxic fumes because of their conditioning systems. They do not attempt to reduce plastic waste generation or even save food.

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Importance Of Eco Friendly Hotels:

Sustainable Living: Eco-friendly hotels ensure that they live a sustainable existence with the environment. These hotels are hotels that are built in such a manner that reduce their impact on the ambient environment.

Nature Friendly: Both the structure of the building and the processes that are carried out in the building are such that they do not hurt nature.

Non-Toxic Practices: They use non-toxic housekeeping practices and use only renewable energy resources; they have organic cleaners and organic soaps, in addition to all-natural food items and pollution-free means of transportation.

 A stay in one of the best eco-friendly hotels in India can be a rejuvenating experience. You can reconnect with nature and escape the hustle and bustle of city life without affecting the environment in any way.


14 Eco-Friendly Hotels in India

1. Pench Tree Lodge, Madhya Pradesh -

pench eco friendly lodge

Image source: (Penchtreelodge)

The Pench Tree Lodge is only 20 minutes from Madhya Pradesh's Pench National Park. he tree house cottages are made without disturbing the wildlife or the forests under it also keeping in mind to not overcrowd the place under the effects of tourism

You can stay here in the tree house cottages for a rejuvenating dive into the depths of the natural flora and fauna of the surroundings. Leaving behind the land of bustle, you can embrace nature in tree houses built at 18 feet. There is an experienced, in-house naturalist team and the residents get to interact with naturalists every evening.

2. Evolve Back, Kabini -

Evolve Back Kabini

Image source: (Booking)

In a heavenly setting surrounded by the Kabini river on two sides, Evolve Back is a hotel that can stir up your senses with its eco-friendly luxury in the lap of nature. Evolve Back Kabini has one of the best waste management systems.

It involves early waste segregation, sewage treatment plants, biogas plants, vermicompost, and more.
The number of guests entering the forest is restricted and they are strictly prohibited.
To encourage the local flora and fauna, only local trees are planted inside the premises.

3. Vythiri Village, Wayanad -

Image source: (Tripadvisor)

If you want to wake up to the sound of waterfalls and chirping birds and enjoy the day with the adrenaline rush of zip lining, tracking, and stream walking, Vythiri Village is the ideal place for you to relax, get exhilarated, and encounter the wilderness that it has to offer.

The village has a strict ‘No Plastic’ policy.
The people in the village make use of renewable resources to avoid any harm to the environment.
One can enjoy lush green view, fresh water and clean air here.

4. Spice Village, Periyar -

Image source: (Booking)

Spice Village is an exquisite place spread over an area of 14 acres that is made eco-friendly by using elephant grass, pesticide-free land, solar energy, and no air conditioners! It is near the Periyar tiger reserve and works closely with the local tribal community. Not to mention that the luxurious hotel is good for the environment, relaxing for the mind, and a culinary delight.

The entire premises of the village is pesticide free.
All the devices operate on solar energy which is the greenest form of electricity.
The best part about spice village is that there are no air conditioners in any of the rooms so you can enjoy the pleasant ambient atmosphere.

5. Coconut Lagoon, Kumarakom -

Image source: (CG Hearth)

The smell of ancient craftsmanship and modern luxury-coconut lagoon nestled in the Vembanad lake is a heavenly undiscovered destination for travelers. This eco-friendly resort has thatched-roof huts and solar-power boats that can make your stay a nature-friendly experience.

This eco-friendly resort has thatched-roof huts and solar-power boats that can make your stay a nature-friendly experience.
You can go bird watching as the premises is decked with many types of local, exotic birds.
Coconut Lagoon interacts closely with the local community encouraging their culture and giving them economic opportunities..

6. Mountain Trail, Mukteshwar, Uttarakhand -

Image source: (E Uttaranchal)

At an elevation of 2300 m above sea level, The Mount Trail reserves the biodiversity and the local traditions sustainably! In a plastic-free environment, you get to live in the Mukteshwar resort without any television and the wastage of water and electricity! It is an excellent opportunity to reconnect with nature and give your eyes a green view.

The atmosphere is a completely plastic-free zone.
You can live in the Mukteshwar resort without any television and devices protecting you from radiation.
The wastage of water and electricity is greatly controlled by the hotel by strict rules and regulation policies!

7. The Dune Eco Beach Village and Spa, Pondicherry -

Image source: (Trivago)

The Dune Eco Beach Village and Spa has more than 50 eco-friendly private bungalows overlooking the Bay of Bengal. To make the functions strictly eco-friendly, the rooms are all cooled by the natural ocean breeze without any air conditioners. Beautiful, small, floral diversity-rich private gardens contribute to a sense of tranquility.

The purely organic Indian cuisine is the highlight of the place. It also offers a solar-powered water system with organic linens.

The low-consumption lighting makes this a paradise for nature and travelers!

8. The Orchid Hotel Mumbai Vile Parle -

Image source: (Booking)

The Orchid Hotel is Asia's First Five Star Hotel to win the Ecotel Certification. While you will remain amazed by the luxurious interior and the hotel's availability, the hotel also has a solid waste management system and a sustainable sewage treatment plant that treats wastewater and utilizes it for air conditioning and gardening.

There is a strict prohibition on the plastic products entirely – so much so that even the people associated with the hotel refrain from the use of single use plastic even at home.

They have hosted several events such as Earth Hour, Environment Day, and Recycling Day among the many!

The hotel is surrounded by lush green area which helps in getting fresh air.

9. Alila Diwa Goa -

goa eco friendly hotel

Image source: (CNTraveller)

Set on Majorda Beach in South Goa, Alila Diwa overlooks the Arabian Sea and lies within a secluded paddy plantation. The serene landscape is a treat for both adults and kids, who can enjoy a movie hall, activity center, cricket ground, volleyball court, and children's pool in addition to the spa and sauna. All this against the background of a serene landscape is also a feast for bird watchers.

The plates and bowls here are made of naturally fallen palm leaves that are 100% biodegradable and compostable.

It uses primarily local materials and promotes indigenous business.
The staff do not serve straws with beverages to support the #NoPlasticStraws campaign.

10. Shaam-e-Sarhad Village Resort, Bhuj, Gujarat -

hunnarshala eco friendly hotel

Image source: (Hunnarshala)

Shaam-e-Sarhad is one of the most exquisite resorts that looks like a picturesque village in Gujarat but offers all the luxury one seeks! The resort has rooms that are just like mud houses with sloping roofs. These mud houses keep cool during the day and warm at night.

Apart from the eco-friendly mud houses, there are eco tents in which one can spend time.

These eco tents are adorned with the finest block prints and Kutchi paintings.
The water pots and trash bins are made of earthen clay so that reduces the waste generation and makes one more grounded to nature.

11. Nameri Eco Camp, Nameri National Park -

Image source: (Nameri)

Nameri Eco Camp is one of the oldest natural camping sites in North-East India. The spellbinding views of the resort have an ambiance of clear blue skies, stunning views of the Eastern Himalayas, and the constant mystical chattering of the Nameri River. At Nameri Eco Camp, you can accommodate yourself in a thatch-and-bamboo tent or a cottage.

The resort collaborates closely with Assam's State Institute of Rural Development; There are camps started by villagers to start small agri-businesses and become less reliant on the forest.

The resort is also working closely with the special unit of the Indian Army, the Eco Task Force to distribute saplings in the area.

12. Kipling Camp, Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh -

Kanha eco friendly hotel

Image source: (Kanha National Park)

The Kipling camp in the buffer zone of the Kanha National Park was established by two famous wildlife conservationists—Anne and the late Bob Wright. It is one of the oldest forest lodges in the area. This luxurious resort offers an unforgettable repose in the arms of nature.

The Camp draws water in an eco-friendly manner from three natural open wells and has not dug any artificial bore well.

To reduce electricity and conserve the environment, the hotel is a plastic bottle free and a television free zone!

The resort is closely associated with the Baiga tribal community and promotes their art and interests too!

13. Rainforest Retreat at Mojo Plantation, Coorg, Karnataka -

pavillion eco friendly hotel

Image source: (Rainforesttours)

With the vast natural diversity just like a rainforest, the Rainforest Retreat at Mojo Plantation is home to a vast population of crawlies like wasps, dragonflies, frogs, lizards, spiders, and snakes. This unique project combines sustainable agriculture with eco-tourism and environmental education.

A large percentage of the organic waste generated in the hotel goes to biogas plants that help electrify the kitchen. The rest is used as a fertilizer for coffee, kokum, cardamom, and vanilla crops.

You can also walk among the bamboo, banana, and fragrant coffee and orange plants to reconnect with nature!

The proceeds of the hotel supports an NGO named WARPED that is dedicated to organic farming and biodiversity conservation.

14. ITC Maurya, a Luxury Collection Hotel, New Delhi –

ITC Maurya Eco Friendly Hotel

Image source: (ITC Hotels)

If you think that there is no site of calm and serenity in the bustling city of New Delhi, then wait till you get a chance to stay at ITC Maurya! The green accommodations here are beaming with luxury. It is recognized as the residence for world leaders and global icons and offers exemplary service drenched in Indian tradition.

All 437 rooms are designed to save energy and provide a greener environment.
It has a bio gas plant that converts 99% of the organic waste into energy and manure.

The hotel premises is a no single use plastic zone.


Traveling and exploring nature is futile if you end up harming nature in an attempt to do so! This is why no matter where you plan your next trip, look up the best eco-friendly hotels in India to make your stay memorable and save the environment from destruction.

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